Teary Eyes

For those of you tuning in for the stamping Technique Video of the week, I’m sorry to say it is postponed until next Sunday. We had a very sad week as we had to say goodbye to our boston terrier, Lucy. Friends, family and “fans” of her little widget on this blog can join us for a little tribute to her (there is music, so turn on your speakers if you want to hear it):

Her full name is Lucille Cannon Ball, which is a combination of Lucy Ball and her jumping like a cannon ball out of a cannon, even as a puppy. I adopted her 9 years ago from a friend who had high hopes of managing 3 kids under the age of 3. She knew I would take good care of her and that I had always wanted a Boston of my own. She was still a puppy when I brought her home and was always very obedient (except I never could break her of the licky thing), never chewed anything, and rang the bell when she had to go outside. The smartest dog we ever had, she could do so many tricks and even some math! Quirky, funny and odd but so extremely loyal and lovable. She made us laugh every day. We wish we had taken more videos of her but here are a few snippets of what we could find:

We didn’t have any warning that she was sick. She never complained, never stopped eating or slowed down at all. Wednesday night we sat on the sofa around 10:30 pm. Lucy brought us her tennis ball (as she always did the very minute we sat down). We threw it a few times down the hallway and as she brought it back the last time, she threw up a little. I took her outside and she just stood there, with her head down. Those of you that know Lucy or any boston terrier, they rarely just stand still. She just wasn’t acting normally so after about 15 minutes of that, we took her to the emergency room. They tried fluids but no response and they said her blood pressure was extremely low, which is why she just stopped responding to us. After xrays, they showed us a very large mass (cancer) near her spleen. She was bleeding internally and the vet didn’t have any good news. He said that with her age and the loss of blood and the size of the mass, she might not make it through surgery. If she did, she may only make it 4 months and it would be uncomfortable. When I asked him what he would do, he said he would let her go. Matt and I talked about it and we realized that keeping her alive just so we could have her a bit longer was selfish since she would be in pain. They let us hold her and love on her, then we said goodbye.

We’ve cried every day since and we sure do miss her. There is comfort in not seeing her suffer for months or seeing her sick. Natalie, a dog-lovin’ friend of ours, wisely said: “I’d like to think she’s up in puppy heaven right now – unlimited tennis balls, sqeak toys where the sqeakers don’t rip out, fields made of milk-bones, a “belly scratch” spa, and a car ride whenever she wants it.”

Thanks for sharing all of this with us and if you have a furry loved one at home, go love ’em, squeeze ’em and kiss ’em and enjoy all the moments.

Matt and Linda

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1 Response to Teary Eyes

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. We lost our cat on Christmas eve and that was so difficult, I am dreading the day we lose our dog. *hugs*

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