Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets

HI Stampers!   I’m still ‘Going Green’ with my stamping projects!  This week I re- purposed bottle caps into stamped fridge magnets.

AFTER I taped the video, I realized a trick to keep the ink from blurring with the Crystal Effects on top of it.  I put a piece of clear packing tape over my stamped images and then put the Crystal Effects on top.  I certainly didn’t want blurry magnets!

The bee is from Just Be, which is still available but on the Stampin’ Up Dormant list.  I used the cap of my V-8 bottle.   The owl is from Stampin’ Up and called Owl Together Now.   I used a water bottle cap.  The ladybug is from Garden Whimsey.

Now, to go “toadally” green, Matt and I have to give up the plastic water bottles.  I’m spoiled but I can drink filtered water.  Matt on the other hand, is a Zephyrhills water snob.  He’d probably rather drink rain water from an abandoned tire than Dasani or Aquafina.  It’s going to be a challenge….

If you have any green stamping ideas, I’d love to hear ’em!


Going, Going, Green!

I’ve been dabbling in going green. I’ve watched the news reports on the state of our world, the unbelievable amounts of trash we create and the effects of chemicals on the earth. I love to watch Ed Begley’s show, Living With Ed, who drags his wife (sometimes kicking and screaming) into his eco-friendly world. After a stamping friend of mine told me about the toxins in my everyday cleaners, I did some research and took the plunge to go green with my cleaning products (I’ll admit I was a bleach junkie and although I have not kicked the habit completely, I am breathing better these days). On a non-stamping related note, if you want to know what toxins are under your sink, read more about it here.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Now that my A-Z rubber stamping technique journey is over, I wanted to come up with another series of videos. I like themes… Anyhoo, going green seemed to be a way to do my part, stamping style!

Here is my first repurposing project using a Tic Tac container. I love Tic Tacs and try not to buy them often as I they are addicting and I can consume one box in a day. I think it is brilliant marketing on their part by calling them Tic Tacs, because you simply cannot eat one at a time. How can you choose between a Tic or a Tac? Can’t be done. Thus, we consume the box twice as fast. Like I said, brilliant marketing.

And the video:

Stampin’ Up Supplies unless otherwise noted:

Fresh Favorites 1 Buttons (1/2 box)

Certainly Celery Prints Designer paper

Tempting Turquoise & whisper white cardstock

Curly Label Punch Bundle

Night of Navy, Apricot Appeal classic ink

Dazzling Diamonds glitter

Happy Stamping!

Linda Heller

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8 Responses to Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets

  1. Jacque (SCS: Petals) says:

    I ran into similar blurring images when putting CE over colored items. I solved the issue by putting the whole piece of paper in versamark and clear embossing. It also sealed the color, preventing CE from blurring. (I have to say, clear packing tape sounds like a lot less work, though!)

  2. Unique & Original Ideas…

  3. Eileen says:

    Love them! Green idea: Use cardboard from cereal or tissue boxes as a green substitute for chipboard. A little thinner, but works for most applications. I also use them for my ATCs.

  4. BevW says:

    I have run out of stuff for my ladies to try! But now I’ve got something new with the magnets! Thanks!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE this idea. I am a teacher and I am always looking for quick, fun things to make and give to the staff at my school! WOW! This is it. Thank you so much for always being so inspiring! Inky smiles, Heidi 🙂

  6. kathynruss says:

    Clear packing tape on the image before using Crystal Effects! Score! I hated how it blurred the images, but loved the shine and dimension! TYFS

  7. Susan Hackney says:

    Love this project! I can’t wait to show it to my dd when she gets home from school. She will definitely want to do this.

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