New Project Life Items Available and Weekly Deals

Hi All!   I’m here in Salt Lake City this morning, doing some ancestry research before Stampin’ Up convention starts on Wednesday!  I’ll be posting all the fun happenings here on my blog once a day.  If you like more updates than once a day and are on FB be sure to Like  my Stamping School Facebook page, as that’s where I can update tidbits all day easier.

Thanks to those of you who commented with your opinion on my swap!  Many said add a coral layer to the back but it didn’t great next to the gray so I added white, then coral.  Extra layer but it came out nice. I got a 105 done the night before I left thanks to Matt, who put dimensionals and labels on!


Oops, just saw the exploded bottle of nail polish in the background of my pic. EVERY time I fly, it happens. I put them in a ziplock bag, tighten them down and still, one of them leaks from the pressure.  If you have a tip for how to avoid that (not just leaving it at home LOL) lemme know.

Back to business!

SU has released 3 new Project Life items for scrappers this am:

Then this Week’s Weekly Deals (click to view in my store)
weekly deals july 15
If you don’t have the 1″ square punch already, that’s a good deal.  I’m also getting a new scallop edge punch with this week’s deals.  Mine is at least 5 years old, gets TONS of use with classes and all the tin cans can’t sharpen it anymore.  I’m getting fuzzy scallops:)
I’m off to do some genealogy research!  Send productive thoughts my way,
Go stamp Something!
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5 Responses to New Project Life Items Available and Weekly Deals

  1. I need to buy all three of these punches but I am already over my budget for this month…. what to do? 🙂 Have lots of fun at convention. Maybe I can come next year. If so I would love to meet you! – Kristal

  2. It is hard to choose – I can tell you that I don’t use the triangle punch at all yet, maybe I’m just not inpsired and can make my own with squares:) If you decide to attend convention next year, let me know you are there and we can meet up! Linda

  3. Arlene Rashy says:

    A friend, who is newly a flight attendant, didn’t have the answer for your nail polish. ☹

  4. nance leedy says:

    Hi Linda! How cool that you’re doing some research while in SLC! Love your swap! I’m flying out of Orlando tomorrow for my first convention! Hope to see you–its been too long! ((Hugs))

  5. I’ll look for you!


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