Detroit Tigers and Weekly Deals


Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!

Matt and I are on our way to Lakeland, FL this morning to catch a baseball game!  The Detroit Tigers are playing, which is a favorite team of my dad’s wife, who has always wanted to see a game.  It’s going to be a sunny day here so should be a fun day!

Before I go off today, here are the Weekly Deals:

weekly deals small

A few great items on the Weekly Deals this week, like the Circle Treat Cup. Those might be fun for an St. Patrick’s Day or Easter Shaker Card!

Remember that 4 new Sale a Bration items were added this month!

Gift with $50 purchase ends March 31st

Play Ball!


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4 Responses to Detroit Tigers and Weekly Deals

  1. I hope you will post pictures from the Tigers game. They are my second favorite team after the White Sox.

  2. Marsha Bonds says:

    Enjoy the game. Our games begin tomorrow. We have season tickets for Braves and Yankees. 34 games in the next 30 days. LOVE this time of year. I get to spend fun times with my husband, soak up some sun and get some reading done. Not much stampin up happening this month for me, darn it.

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  3. Christine Spohn says:

    My Dad was always a big Tigers fan, so is my husband, and of course the Toledo Mud Hens are the Tigers farm club! Enjoy the game!

  4. Thanks! It was a perfect day for it and they won so it was great!

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