Don’t miss these 8 things….

Things that make you go, hmmmm?
With the retirement list out for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed some things on it that are surprising to me!  Odd things like stamps that are retiring but the punch isn’t. Or things I think are must have’s but are retiring and Stampin’ Up didn’t consult me:-)
These fall into the ‘what are they thinking’ category in my mind LOL

Before I get started, I love getting your notes and emails asking if I am doing my annual paper shares for the upcoming new catalog.  YES!  I love doing them and will be offering them again this year.  We have some possible slowdowns with getting ribbons and a few papers but I plan to have a good back up plan.  I’ll be posting those as we get closer.

So here are my top 10 hmmmms….just in case you need them like I did:(at the time of my post, all items were still available)

  1.  White Baker’s TwineYes, you can get it practically everywhere but I LOVE ours!  It’s soft, easy to tie, not slippery. It dyes with reinkers, markers and our blends where some I’ve had almost resist it.  It’s perfect.  It’s only 3.50 for 25 yards.
    I’ve ordered 5 extra rolls, I hope there’s some left for ya.
    Happy Tails (dog) #148682   $17     Sold Out except for French language
    Nine Lives #148703  $16 Photopolymer stamp set2. Happy TailsThe Dog and Cat punches carried over to the new catalog but not the coordinating stamp sets.  Hmmmm…..I don’t get it but there is still time to get the stamp set for both dog, cat or anyone who needs a pet sympathy card.
    here are the dog and cat punches in case you don’t have those yet either:

#144666 Cat Punch $18        Dog punch  #148543  $18

3. Stamparatus Replacement Plates
#149693  $15

I haven’t had to replace my plates yet and I use my stamparatus a LOT.   I just feel easier knowing I have a back up set in case something really bad happens to one of my plates.  Like when I accidentally leaned on my ipad yesterday and the screen shattered like hot water on an icy window.  Ugh.  If you have a stamparatus, it would be good to grab an extra set just in case.

4.  1/2″ Circle punch
#119869  $6

Why?  Why is this cute little guy on the hit list?  He can’t possibly take up that much room.  Really?  So useful for faux buttons, for snowman heads, for large eyeballs…through the years I’ve used him for a ton of things.  darnit.
(while you are at it, be sure you have the 1″ circle punch,
also on the retiring list.  #110868 $13)

5.  Classic Garage Metal Embellishments
#149485  $2.80

We still carry the Garage stamp set and dies so if you have those, pick up an extra set of these metal embellies.  I used the key for new home cards, also!  Super cute.

6.  All Glimmer (aka Glitter) Papers

Whaaaaat?  No sparkly snow paper in the annual catalog?
Surely there must be something else coming in the Holiday catalog for snow,
I’m trying to not get crazy about it. I only ordered 3 packs:)
Sparkle (white) #146957   $5
Rose Glimmer #146959  $3
Gold Glimmer #146958  $5

The other item that blew my mind was retiring our Dazzling Diamonds glitter!  I’d post it but it’s gone already 😦

7.  layered Leaves 3D Embossing Folder
#152321  9.00

The perfect embossed background.  I used it a LOT.  It looked great for tropical, for holidays, for sympathy, with any flower.  I’ll miss it.

8.  Twinkle Builder Punch
#146321 $7.20
We will  always need baby cards.  Just when I think I’m too old for my friends to have babies, my friends have kids that have kids. So it never ends thankfully, because babies are cute.   We still have cute baby stamps but this punch is So easy to create baby themed cards.   I did this mini gift card bag a few years ago, you can see that post here

To see what’s retiring and what’s left, go to my store HERE

Go stamp something!

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3 Responses to Don’t miss these 8 things….

  1. Ingrid Lyons says:

    So glad to see you are posting and look forward to your paper shares.

  2. Mary Laffin says:

    I looked at the retiring list and #6–Heirloom Frames and Dies are shown on 2 pages in the catalog and yet the list doesn’t show them as being discontinued on either page–am I missing something?

  3. Patsy Waggoner says:

    Like your post today – but then they are always good!

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