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Be a Roadie!

My team name is Where The Rubber Hits the Road and I call my team ‘Roadies’ 🙂

The Stampin’ Up starter kit is only $99 + your sales tax and you choose anything you like from any catalog to go in it.  You can also choose an extra $25 of products free and you also get FREE shipping!

You will place your own orders online as a demonstrator and earn a minimum of 20% commission, which is quite a savings!

Sales Requirements:  Stampin’ Up gives you the first sales quarter free of minimums since you purchase the starter kit.  To stay active, it’s $300 a quarter in orders (yours count!)  If you decide not to stay and complete your quarter, Stampin’ Up will just drop you the following month and you can come back anytime. No strings!

Our quarters look like this:





For example, Sign up in May and you will have the rest of May and June free from minimums.  Your $300 in orders would be due in by the end of September.  (yes your own personal orders count AND you can get host rewards for orders over $150, just as you do now as a customer)

As extra training from me, all levels of my team get my Stamping School free!  I also offer weekly or monthly coaching calls for those that want to grow a successful business.

Over 1200 videos, all SU, at least 2 videos uploaded each week with cutting measurements and recipes.  ($35 a year for everyone else)

Locals can attend my Florida quarterly  team get-togethers and out-of-towners can be a part of our very active Facebook private team group.

I offer weekly or monthly coaching calls for business goals and training.

Discount shoppers welcome if you would like to just get around a 20% discount on your purchases!

Signing up is easy to do online HERE

Once you choose your kit items and fill out your info, SU will email you with your password and login info within 1-3 days.

Call or email me if you want to chat about it!


Linda Heller




Just the Facts, Ma’am!”

I wrote this article a few years ago about the the real deal on signing up as a  Stampin’ Up Demonstrator.

With Stampin’ Up having changed their Starter Kits to more of what I call a ‘buffet’ kit, now is a good time to answer those questions for anyone who is wondering what the real scoop is. No sugarcoating- just the facts, ma’am!

*What comes in the Stampin’ Up Starter Kit? Anything you want! Gone are the days of having to choose from this price or that category. You simply choose $125 of product (can’t go over)  from the catalog or any seasonal catalog. You pay only $99, your state tax and you get FREE shipping. Yeah, it’s good. You still get all the business supplies like order forms and 8 catalogs.

*What if I have been a demo before? If you are signing up again with the same upline/recruiter as before, then you can sign up right away. If you are signing up with someone new and your old upline/recruiter is still active, you need to wait 90 days before signing up again with someone new. If she isn’t active, there isn’t a wait time and you can sign up with someone new right away.

What do I need to do as a demonstrator?  You should login everyday to the SU website to see what’s new, any updates, etc.  If you sign up with me, join my team FB group so you can be a part of the group and stay involved.  We share ideas, ask questions, help each other, weekly prize drawings and just a group of fun stampers.  Those that are active and involved will enjoy the experience!  You don’t need to do workshops or classes if you don’t want to.  A large majority of stampers join just for the great discount on their own supplies.

What is the catch? Other than a totally addictive hobby, it’s pretty easy. I’ve had more trouble and headaches trying to switch cell phone plans. That took 3 hours. Signing up to be a demonstrator? 10 minutes. Online. And you get your password to go onto the Demonstrator Only Website right away while you wait for your kit to arrive in a week to 10 days. You will need to have a valid Social Security number, add a credit card to pay for your orders, and a checking account number so they can deposit extra commission checks.

*Keeping it Going: Anyone can buy a kit and enjoy it. Keeping it going requires some work on your part. Having even 2 or 3 friends you stamp with each month is an easy and fun way to collect those orders to meet your minimums.

What if I decide to not place any orders and just enjoy my kit? Stampin ‘Up will just drop you after a period of time. No penalties, nothing to give back, no note sent home to your parents.  SU (and your upline) hope you continue and stay active.

How much do I have to order to stay active? $300 retail in a quarter.  Stampin’ Up quarters run Jan-March, April-June, July -Sept, and Oct-Dec. The month you sign up, you would get the rest of your first quarter free of minimums. For example, if a quarter is currently July-Sept, the next quarter is when you need your $300 in orders by the end of December! It can be ALL at once, or in smaller orders. With just your own orders or friends adding to it. You can be your own hostess, too! So it pays off if you are looking for a discount and you are going to spending that much on stamp stuff anyway.

*Making Extra Money: If you work hard, you can really enjoy a profitable business! You need drive, a love of stamping and a love to share it with others, too. You can see the compensation plan here and then there is the very generous bonus plans that you can earn with promotions and your team. (and the incentive trips like this year I’ve earned a cruise for 2 to the Mediterranean!)

How do I know who to sign up with?

This is an important decision! Do you want to stamp with a group or attend events or meetings? Then I would recommend that you should find someone local to sign up with. Find a demonstrator who has monthly or quarterly events or training so you can learn all you can and stamp often! Use the demo locator on the SU website at and click on Find a Demonstrator. Look for someone with a website and check out her events. Even if she is an hour away, it is totally worth it so you can learn all you need to. *Be sure to ask her/him if you can still attend their classes if you sign up!  Some do not so just ask.   Anyone on my team can attend my classes – they just have to proactively watch my class schedule and rsvp.

Are you already a seasoned stamper or comfortable online? Maybe you don’t mind phone calls and FaceTime or is happy to do your own thing? Then it isn’t as important to sign up with someone locally. Personally I would sign up with someone who has been doing it for more than a few years, is established and offers some long distance support.

What I offer:  I offer a free membership to Stamping School ( my video tutorial website) to my team of demonstrators. It is a way that I can show new techniques and projects.  I’m an active upline if you need me to be or someone who is there when you just want a question answered.  I offer weekly or monthly coaching calls by request, business building groups, and monthly get togethers & incentives.   I have a very active FB community that shares ideas, answers questions and supports each other.

There are lots of choices out there and I believe you don’t want to sign up with someone because they are offering a free stamp set. This should be a relationship where you can call or email for help or training and be a part of a team.

Do I have to have classes or workshops?

More than half of the demonstrators in my group do it just for the discount or hobby. There is no requirement to host or teach any classes. It’s great to have friends or family that you can stamp with each month or every other month so they can order a few things from you. Every little bit helps! And if you are like me, one day you may need extra money and that’s how I started doing it more as a business. When times get tough, sell stamps!  Many earn full or part time income selling Stampin’ Up full time.

What is in the Demonstrator Only Website?

Gee whiz, there is so much in there that I couldn’t list it all. Years of back issues of our Stampin’ Success magazines (which arrive in our mail every other month), projects, templates, articles, videos, and the biggest is Stampin’ Connection. It’s a HUGE forum for demos only with TONS of samples each day.

Some people sign up just for the preorders. Maybe this has happened to you: You are on a website and see this awesomely cute card and say “I want that set!” but it’s not available for another month and then you get mad because the demonstrators already have it and are using it? Then you should be a demonstrator and get the upcoming mini catalogs or promotional stuff before anyone else!

If you have more questions, feel free to call or email me anytime. I’d be happy to help you figure out if it’s right for you!

How do I sign up? A lot of demonstrators have a DBWS, which is a Demonstrator Business Website. As demonstrators, we pay 12.95 a month for it and it is wonderful! Stampin’ Up keeps it updated for us and we can add our own projects, calendar and special touches. One of the perks is that you can sign up online and get your demonstrator password immediately! Mine is and you can check it out. (new recruits get it free for 2 months, by the way!)

What are you waiting for?! Fun and a new stamping adventure are just a click away!

Linda Heller


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  1. Ginger Wirt says:

    Great information. So glad I finally had a chance to sit down and learn some very important information. You made easy reading with lots on great stuff. Thanks Linda!

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