My Stampin’ Space

We added  another 10×20 onto a sunroom back in 2009, making it a 20×20 craft room.  Not too big but large enough for 3 tables and 12 people max. I would have gone bigger but we have a drain field out back and the city said no bigger!  The doors go out to a screened porch.  Our house was built in 1961 so it’s all concrete block and not easy to remodel.

Ikea for just about everything! Tables and shelves and drawers and cabinets

I am an ‘everything out’ girl!  Gotta see it to use it…

Matt putting up my Ikea kitchen towel racks for my punches.

I’ve changed this now since I have more clear mounts sets so I have more room. I put catalogs and order forms on the bottom shelf now.


My displays (ikea) on wall and big shot/cutting table.  I put wheels on it so it’s higher for my back while I’m cutting and running dies for classes.

The pics below are my old stamping room!

This 10 x10 room rarely looks this good. Sometimes, you can’t even walk in here if I’ve had a busy week of classes and workshops. I straightened up, cleaned out, and organized before I took the picture. (which is a great way to get your stamping space cleaned up, right? If company comes, we just close the door….)

Pics are shown like you are walking into the room and going around clockwise:

SR 1 500

This is where I keep all my accessories. We bought the white slatwall at Home Depot. Pretty cheap – it is a 4×8 ft piece for around $35. They cut it up for me and it is HEAVY! Gotta find the studs to hang it on the wall. I put one of my work tables under the slatwall to help hold it up while we screwed it in. The acrylic bins, shelves and hooks I got at a local display store, The little tins I had to modify and put magnets on the back. Now you can find them in the wedding favor isle at Michael’s. 30 in a bucket I think. I used metal roof flashing from Home Depot (gotta love that store) and it fit perfectly into the grooves to hold all my tins that hold the buttons, brads and eyelets. I never used them until I could see them!

sr7 500

Above: Part of my stamps and iris carts. (Don’t all stampers have these carts?)

sr5 500

Above: The other half of my stamps and my stamping station. The paper towers were the most expensive in the room, but I like them. My only problem is the window, which can fade my paper. So when no one is around, I clip on a big towel around the back side so they won’t fade! (I can’t fit them in anywhere else, so we acclimate…) The blue rolling cart is something I picked up at Office Depot. (around $50) It holds my cardstock scraps in each of the 4 color groups, with a file for each color. So the top left side is Bold Brights, top right is Earth…you get the picture. It can be a little inconvenient to get to the teal in the regals on the bottom but it is way better than my old method of a big box with everything in it!

sr3 500

Shoe organizer for my punches – this really helped a bunch. I punched a legend for each one, which helped me find them fast.

sr4 500

This is my coloring station, with all my crayons, markers and stuff. Ribbons, too! The little plaque is a quote from a great “philosopher”, Jon Bon Jovi, who said “Map out your future; just do it in pencil”

That’s my tour!

18 Responses to My Stampin’ Space

  1. Joanne says:

    Great ideas! If only we could keep things that way – we would get so much more accomplished.

    LOVE the coloring station idea. I have a workroom with 3 – 8 ft. tables and 1 – 6 ft. table. I am trying to set up my own area that I don’t have to keep moving for classes, but that 6 ft. table best fits in FRONT of a fireplace giving me no wall space. Every room has its challenges… I will definitely benefit from your organization.

    Found your link on Susy Miller’s website. Thank you, Linda!

  2. Suzi Wildman says:

    Love the color,bright and full of energy. I have a great space with mickey and my collection of M&M’s it to has lots of color,every customer who comes over loves to work in the space. I just started on your site and already I’m in love Thanks so much for all your work

  3. Crystal says:

    “Sweet” room….my room is in the basement…
    I would love to have look half that good. Need to go to Home Depot!!!!

  4. I am GREEN WITH ENVY! Seriously, this room is very inspirational. Our office is my stamp room but my husband has been sweet about letting me take over the majority of the territory. He comes in to pay the bills on-line and play games! Thanks for sharing!

  5. susanjane says:

    I absolutely LOVE your space ! ! ! Makes me want to dash right out and change mine completely. My room is a combined, stamping room on one side, and jewelry making on the other side, so i have allot in one small space. Perhaps i should have chosen the bigger extra bedroom ???

    Thanks for sharing. It’s gorgeous !


  6. Tanya Czens says:

    Love those paper towers!!! Would love to know where to get them in Canada or order them from the states, can’t seem to find them anywhere. Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks, what a great room!!

  7. Eileen Saunders says:

    This is PHENOMENAL! I think I could do this, actually ,(with a little bit of help from my friends – tribute to the Beatles). WOW!
    And I love shoe organizers – I use them all the time for ribbons, etc., but will definitely get some more to use for my punches. Thanks for your inspiration!


  8. Sandy Amoling says:

    Hello Linda….in looking at the pictures of your old room I see the paper towers. Where can I find something similar?

  9. I got them from I moved them into an Ikea cabinet to protect the papers from the light but still work great!

    —– Original Message —–

  10. Karen Shirey says:

    OMGosh! I am green with envy! 🙂 I am going to be redoing my room soon and will ‘borrow’ some of your ideas

  11. wilma denton says:

    I LOVE your room. I just re-did my room and I borrowed some of your ideas. It is working out very well and is a happy place for me. Thanks for all of you inspiration.

  12. Awesome! Mine is still a work in progress 🙂

    Linda (

  13. Anonymous says:

    Linda, I was wondering if you have a separate storage area for retired stamps, punches, accessories, etc. or if you just mark the current ones so you know which are which for demos. Your room looks great! Mine is getting there, but we’ve only lived here a year so I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far. Keep stampin!

  14. There is definately a lot to know about this topic. I like all the points
    you made.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree! I still am amazed that this happened these days. I was glad I am not running. I would love to are coming to terms for the future. I will want to know this evolving issue in the future.

  16. Judy says:

    How about an update to see your new room in North Carolina? Love your posts.

  17. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Judy! If I can keep it clean a day, I’ll take pics:)

  18. Maria McLaughlin says:

    you really out did any of the craft rooms i have seen. It is so orgainized. WIll have to come up sometime and see it.

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