Shredding the Evidence

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Yup, we all have ’em.  Lots and lots of receipts.  I was at the local drug store and not only did they give me a receipt that was 9 inches long for one item, they also printed out 2 extra receipts of coupons I for things I didn’t (and wouldn’t) purchase later!

I’m on week 3 of stamping green and I have been paying attention to ways to save resources and re-purpose.  Yesterday I was cleaning out my purse and I pulled out a huge clump of receipts from my travels around Orlando.   Of course some I need to save for business deductions or returns but most of them go right into the trash.

Here is this week’s GREEN stamping video and my small way to use them for good!

See you next Sunday!

Linda Heller

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5 Responses to Shredding the Evidence

  1. Ruth says:

    Linda – what a great idea! You are too funny :o) Thanks for the great green tips. I’m totally loving this.

  2. Debi Pippin says:

    Hey Linda I am going to be looking for one of those shredders. We have a Dollar Tree wonder if they will have one. What a great idea and I would share that tip with all my stampers and make one of those goodie containers. You are amazing! thanks for sharing your talents with us. Great way to hide my stamp store purchases from my hubby.
    Debi Pippin

  3. Donna says:

    This totally cracks me up and I love it! I’ve been recycling for some time now, but have recently gone all green. Your posts are awesome and incredibly creative. Thank you so much for being a wonderful inspiration.

  4. Tai says:

    Hi Linda:

    My 16 old niece was passing by the computer as I started your video. She stopped to listen to the video and she thinks this is such a good idea. I have to agree this is great to use for basket stuffing.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Alice in MD says:

    Shredding receipts is definitely a clever idea — especially when you want filler to match a stamped gift box. … Receipt paper is usually quite thin, and if it isn’t too slick, it would make a good one-time mask. I also have used odd paper left-overs to test a new stamp or color before stamping on the final project. My printer regularly uses too little of a piece of paper when I’m printing from a Web site, and I use those pieces of 8-1/2×11″ paper to protect my stamping table. … Keep the great ideas coming, you’re a terrific source of good information!

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