It is our last day here in St. George and I am looking forward to go home but hate to leave all this fun, too!  Today I had zero plans made and slept in a bit and went down for my last breakfast buffet.  (I’m gonna have to juice for a week to detox after all of non-stop grazing I have done!)  Had a great time eating outside on the veranda (didn’t have my camera or I would have shown you the pretty view) and a bunch of us sat around the table and brainstormed a bit about our businesses.  I have learned so much from hearing what other demos do!

Georgia asked Jan and I if we wanted to go somewhere fun with her.  She said it was a surprise and to trust her so we did and what a fun time we had!  Susan Adams, a demo who is here at Founders and lives 5 minutes from here, had a bunch of us over to her place to stamp and make these:

Georgia had made them the day before and already had the fabric.  The other side is red fabrics and says Joyful so you can reverse it.  See all the little scallops along the border?  We used Susan’s Big Shot and the pennant die to cut out ALL of those pieces!

Here is Georgia on the left and Susan (the hostess) on the right.  Susan’s husband built her this amazing stamp room where she can have her classes.  It is a happy, creative place!  Just a note – Susan and I hadn’t met before today and yet she said c’mon over!

This lovable face greeted us at the door – Her name is Journey.  I just wanted to take her home with me!

Jan had a heck of a time with the sewing machine!  She was a trooper and finished her banner but I chickened out and decided to sew mine at home.   With my luck, I was afraid I’d break Susan’s machine and the pressure got to me!

Here are a few pics of the rest of the girls there.  Click to enlarge…

After all that creativity being spent, we were hungry and shared some appetizers at Iggy’s.  We didn’t want to eat much since we were told we they arranged a special dinner for our last night.

Stampin’ Up told us that we ALL needed to be in the lobby at 6 p.m. for a surprise event.  The only details and instrutions we were given:  wear closed-toed shoes, bring a jacket since we would be outside, and that our group picture would be taken.

We got on our buses and yes, we were on our little short bus!   We drove about 20 minutes to a breathtaking place called The Inn at Entrada.  (hope I got that right)

This is what we saw as we got off the bus:

Walking over a little bridge

And up the walkway I saw these table with luminaries

and then I heard squeals of delight as they found a gift on every chair,..

A scrumptiously soft chenille blanket!

and another thoughtful note.

There was a popcorn and candy stand and I KNEW we were going to watch a movie outside!  If you look closely or click to enlarge, you can see the Designer Paper cones that the popcorn went in!  There was a huge screen and we watched “No Reservations”, a sweet movie with Catherine Zeta Jones as a chef.

I realized that my 10 year anniversary with Stampin’ Up was during this Founder’s Trip!  I told Shelli that and we laughed that it only took 10 years to get here but I never want to miss another one!

Thanks for reading along with me the last 4 days!

Linda Heller

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