Have you seen Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel?  Jamie, Adam and a fearless team test myths to see if they are really real or fiction.

Sometimes I read stamping tips and wonder if they really work or not.  I recently read that using Dental Floss will remove pictures that were glued to pages in a photo album.  So I thought I would test it to see if it could take up our stuck on Designer papers and card stocks.  (Doesn’t that just burn your britches when you try to loosen a crooked piece of paper and it ruins your entire project?!)

So, could it be true?  Here are the questions I wanted answers to:

1. Will floss loosen thin designer paper AND leave it dent free and like new to use again?

2.  Will it loosen adhesive that has been stuck on and cured for over a year?

3.  Will it work to loosen all types of adhesives?

Here is the video of my findings:

Unlike the myths they bust on the show, you CAN try these techniques at home!

*7 out of 10 stampers recommend mint flossing your cards daily

Next  time I’ll put blender pen refill recipes to the test! Do they really work as well as a new blender pen or is it a waste of time?

Got anything else for the Stampbuster?  Drop me an email! Lindastamps@cfl.rr.com


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