Hi Stampers!   This week I am testing out homemade stamp cleaners!

I researched recipes online from seasoned stampers on Splitcoaststampers.com and other stamping forums.  I am testing out 4 homemade recipes and putting them up again Stampin’ Mist and StazOn cleaner.    Remember this is Stampbusters, not Consumer Product Testers so I am not going out to buy every stamp cleaner out there to see which one works the best (altho I would LOVE that) so I am just  testing the myth “Do Homemade Stamp Cleaners Work?”

For my ‘study’, I dug through my stamp sets that I have used for years with StazOn and permanent inks.  Lovely As A Tree was the worst one in the pile, so I started cleaning with that one.

I started using a clean Stampin’ Scrub pad but then ended up using a white shop towel so I could see how much ink really came off.

I’ll post the results under the video in written form for those of you dial-uppers!

**Addendum 12/7:   I’ve been getting some comments that stampers love Ultra Clean stamp cleaner.    Also, someone asked for a cost comparison per volume vs our store bought cleaner.  One of you out there must be a math whiz  so we’d love it if you figured out which is more economical – Homemade or Store bought?

Like I mentioned in the video, the rose water and glycerin in the recipes below are supposed to condition your stamps like a regular stamp cleaner.  I cannot vouch for that since I haven’t used all of these recipes for years (or days even!) on my stamps, so if someone out there has used homemade stamp cleaner for years, tell us how your stamps are doing!  Linda

p.s.  I bought the Rose Water at my local health store, Chamberlains.


(Recipes in order of appearance on video)

Recipe #1:

(Reported to be close to Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Mist)

2 Cups of Distilled water

1 Tablespoon Baby Magic Baby wash

2 Tablespoons Rose Water

Recipe #2:

2 Cups Distilled water

1 Tsp. Dawn dish soap

5 drops of Glycerin

Recipe #3:

8 ounces Distilled water

1 teaspoon Baby Wash

2 Tablespoons Glycerin

Recipe #4:

2 Cups Distilled water

2 teaspoons Simple Green

1 Teaspoon Glycerin

Here are my findings in order of Best to Worst:


First Place goes to Recipe #1 (Just about as good as Stampin’ MIst and StazOn cleaner).  Got off my old StazOn stains that were years old!

2nd Place:  Recipe #4 with the Simple Green.  Worked very well – I’d use it again.

3rd Place:  Recipe #3 with the baby wash.  Pretty good, not great.  Maybe for light cleaning.

Last Place: Recipe #2 with Dawn dish soap, which didn’t work at all for me.  Save it for the dishes.

These recipes make so much of the cleaner that I put them in canning jars for gifts to my favorite stampers!  It really is important to use Distilled Water and not tap water.  It will keep much longer without micro-critters and getting stinky!

Well, that was  fun! Any ideas for next week?  Linda