Stampbusters Episode 5: The Dirt on Stamp Cleaners

Hi Stampers!   This week I am testing out homemade stamp cleaners!

I researched recipes online from seasoned stampers on and other stamping forums.  I am testing out 4 homemade recipes and putting them up again Stampin’ Mist and StazOn cleaner.    Remember this is Stampbusters, not Consumer Product Testers so I am not going out to buy every stamp cleaner out there to see which one works the best (altho I would LOVE that) so I am just  testing the myth “Do Homemade Stamp Cleaners Work?”

For my ‘study’, I dug through my stamp sets that I have used for years with StazOn and permanent inks.  Lovely As A Tree was the worst one in the pile, so I started cleaning with that one.

I started using a clean Stampin’ Scrub pad but then ended up using a white shop towel so I could see how much ink really came off.

I’ll post the results under the video in written form for those of you dial-uppers!

**Addendum 12/7:   I’ve been getting some comments that stampers love Ultra Clean stamp cleaner.    Also, someone asked for a cost comparison per volume vs our store bought cleaner.  One of you out there must be a math whiz  so we’d love it if you figured out which is more economical – Homemade or Store bought?

Like I mentioned in the video, the rose water and glycerin in the recipes below are supposed to condition your stamps like a regular stamp cleaner.  I cannot vouch for that since I haven’t used all of these recipes for years (or days even!) on my stamps, so if someone out there has used homemade stamp cleaner for years, tell us how your stamps are doing!  Linda

p.s.  I bought the Rose Water at my local health store, Chamberlains.


(Recipes in order of appearance on video)

Recipe #1:

(Reported to be close to Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Mist)

2 Cups of Distilled water

1 Tablespoon Baby Magic Baby wash

2 Tablespoons Rose Water

Recipe #2:

2 Cups Distilled water

1 Tsp. Dawn dish soap

5 drops of Glycerin

Recipe #3:

8 ounces Distilled water

1 teaspoon Baby Wash

2 Tablespoons Glycerin

Recipe #4:

2 Cups Distilled water

2 teaspoons Simple Green

1 Teaspoon Glycerin

Here are my findings in order of Best to Worst:


First Place goes to Recipe #1 (Just about as good as Stampin’ MIst and StazOn cleaner).  Got off my old StazOn stains that were years old!

2nd Place:  Recipe #4 with the Simple Green.  Worked very well – I’d use it again.

3rd Place:  Recipe #3 with the baby wash.  Pretty good, not great.  Maybe for light cleaning.

Last Place: Recipe #2 with Dawn dish soap, which didn’t work at all for me.  Save it for the dishes.

These recipes make so much of the cleaner that I put them in canning jars for gifts to my favorite stampers!  It really is important to use Distilled Water and not tap water.  It will keep much longer without micro-critters and getting stinky!

Well, that was  fun! Any ideas for next week?  Linda

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20 Responses to Stampbusters Episode 5: The Dirt on Stamp Cleaners

  1. Donna says:

    I don’t see the difference in the recipe from #1 to #3.

  2. pesc says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! I really enjoy looking at your video 🙂
    Have a great weekend

  3. 2stampis2b says:

    Once again, a great Stampbusters episode! Did you do a cost comparison with same volumes? In other words, how much cheaper is it, and is it really worth substituting?

    I’m thinking of suggestions for future episodes…maybe compare different colored pencils (Koh-i-Noor, SU!, Prismacolor, etc.), or embossing powder quality, or different ways to adhere glitter (there are so many!), or embossing buddy versus homemade recipes, maybe powder pal versus substitutes (I use shallow square Gladware instead and keep it in there), all the different SU adhesive applications like which one is best for what thing, oh and cutters…big topic on splitting hairs!

    I can’t wait to see the next one!

  4. 2stampis2b says:

    Oops, I knew you already did the embossing buddy!

  5. kathynruss says:

    Thanks for all your informative stampbusters! I agree with some of them, learned stuff I never knew and have my own favorites. Case in point: Ultraclean stamp cleaner is the absolute best. Gets off everything, gets it off fast and thoroughly. You can buy refill bottles, too. Stampin’ Mist is impossible for me to even be around. Practically go into respiratory arrest!

  6. Phyllis Strickland says:

    I am not surprised that any and all home made cleaners are better than Stampin’ Mist. It is without doubt the most useless cleaner out there. Add to that the smell or whatever it is that many people don’t like. Don’t even think of using it to clean off Stampin’ Up’s craft ink. P.S. I am an SU demo so no bias there! When plain old water or water & soap doesn’t work, the I found the best stamp cleaners are Ranger Cleans It and Judikins Fabric & Permanent Ink Cleaner. JMHO.

  7. Lori K. says:

    I have a question, I have no problem getting my stamps clean but I thought the whole reason to use specially made cleaners was to keep the rubber nice and supple for years and years of use. Do these recipes preserve the rubber? If so then shoot, I am not buying stampin mist anymore LOL! lorki7@

  8. Val S says:

    Thank you for another wonderful video. I really enjoy these Stampbuster episodes!

  9. Wanda says:

    Won’t you test Totally Awesome that you can buy at the Dollar Tree. You would have to treat the stamp with SU mist afterwards to preserve it. Works well, but sometimes I leave it laying on there for a while.

  10. Caren says:

    I love the stampbusters! I would love to see the idea mentioned above comparing ways to adhere glitter. I always get it all over myself anytime I use it.

  11. Marcia says:

    I just love watching your experiments. Very informative. I am a SU demo and I hate the way that Stampin’ Mist smells. I think that Rangers Bubble Gum scented stamp cleaner is awesome. It smells wonderful and cleans better than SU’s cleaner. I have not tried it with StazOn ink. Thanks for all of the great info.

  12. Jodi says:

    Hi, thanks for all your info, I am new to your site but sooooooo appreciate it already…

  13. Fran says:

    I really, really appreciate you passing along Stampbuster results on different products, tips, techniques etc! Thank you so much. I intend to check it out often.

  14. Cheri Lynn says:

    I just love your blog and so does my son, as we love watching mythbusters as well :)… the thing I would like you to test is making your own glue dots… i have heard silicon and some aleen type glue or something… but never tried it… maybe you could research and test those ideas.
    Happy Holidays,
    Cheri Lynn

  15. Kathy Simpson says:

    Cheri Lynn, I know this is a very old post but I use “The Best Glue Ever” to make my glue dots. They are very sticky and you have to let them dry completely but they work really really good. Hope it’s helpful.

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  17. Kathy Sammartano says:

    I was given a huge number of stamps by someone who used to be a stamping demonstrator many years ago. The stamps had sat in a cold (Minnesota winter cold) and hot (Minnesota summer hot) garage all that time. They were almost all completely black and the rubber was getting stiff. I tried the cleaner I had and it did nothing. Then I found this post and tried the recipe you recommended. Not only are the stamps acceptably clean, the rubber is in better condition. Thank you so much! I suddenly have a ton of good stamps!! Now to have fun!

  18. Tracy Davis says:

    The recommended DIY stamp cleaner has worked pretty well for me! On a whim, I used it to distress my watercolor paper – oh man, did that work great!!!

  19. Chrissy says:

    THANK YOU so much for this!!!

  20. Paula Puckett says:

    I’ve been using generic baby wipes for years and all my stamps are still in like new condition. I have stamps from Crafter’s Companion, Anna Griffin, and many others. They are all in great shape after years of use. I even use them to clean my crafting tools, cutting mats and metal dies. It’s great!

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