What makes you go ‘grrrrrr’?  I’m not talking about things like drivers who don’t use their blinkers or when they forget to put ketchup in your bag to go with your fries.  That’s  a WHOLE different blog.   For stampers like us,  getting organized and fixing those little annoyances really helps us enjoy our creative time when we have it!

Someone asked me recently if I store my watercolor crayons in their tins.   My grrrrrr with my crayons was that I was constantly going in and out of the 4 tins to get different colors.   And THEN reorganizing them to keep the Regals together, the Earth together….seriously, it was driving me mad.  So I gave in and threw them all together!  I realized that I rarely take the complete set to workshops but grab the colors I need and put them in one tin anyway if I need them to travel.

If you store them another way, write in and let me know!



This is a votive holder that was given to me a few years ago by my friends Susie and Dede.  (I think it came from Hallmark) It’s perfect to keep all of my crayons ready for use.


I have a second set that I keep in my SU mug from Leadership 2004.  I think it originally had hot chocolate in it.  It’s nice and easy to transport but not as easy to take them in and out as the votive holder.

Ok, what is YOUR grrrrr…?  Maybe we can come up with a solution  or if I dont’ have an idea, I’ll post it to the stampin’ readers for some help and we can make it GRRRREAT!


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