While I was at Founder’s Circle last September, I had my 10th anniversary with Stampin’ Up! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but as I look back at all the changes in my life, Stampin’ Up was always by my side.  Along with the memories, I have tote bags… lots of them.  From every convention, leadership and other incentive events I had a closet full and they were a big mess:


I found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It is an over-the-door purse holder.  (The link to buy them is here)  There were 2 of them in a pack for 9.95.  Just what I needed to hang all those tote bags that I want to keep and actually use once in a while!   I’m now hanging them behind a door in my stamp room:


I can fit 2 rows on the back of my door which is holding 16 totes!  I guess it would depend on your size of door, too.

Happy Organizing! Linda