Stamping Vid Bits: Colorized Corduroy

Byte size stamping video tid bits….

(you may have to come to the blog to see video below)

(as promised, I’ll describe for my dial up – no video readers)

I really wanted red corduroy buttons.  Stampin’ Up sells them in around 9 colors, but not red.  SO I experimented with reinkers and got a formula that works pretty well.  First you have to wet them down, which I did with an aquapainter. (or dip a paint brush into water and dab on).   Put a drop of reinker in the bottle cap (the one for the reinker) and drop a few drops of water to dilute it.  Then paint on your button til it is covered.   (red ink placed directly on the button was way too dark)  Air dry or use your heat gun – fibers sometimes get matted down so use scissors or something to fluff them back up when dry.

I started with the Summer Sun button to get closest to Real Red color.   I tried the same on a Kiwi Kiss button and it came out a beautiful Bravo Burgundy!

Happy Stampin’!


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6 Responses to Stamping Vid Bits: Colorized Corduroy

  1. Pat says:

    Good job! Something so simple can be the hardest to figure out. Thanks for the info.

  2. Jo Holmes/CA says:

    Amazing fun Linda. You’re just too inventive.
    Thanks so much for the stamp sets and my order.
    Everything arrived so quickly. Sure do appreciate it.
    I played all yesterday afternoon with my Big Sot and my new papers. 3 of my friends were gathered to celebrate a birthday and we just played and played between lunch and visiting

    Thanks for your wonderful inspirations,

  3. Jo says:

    What a NEAT idea…you are SO clever…”I” would never have thought of this…that’s why I’m not a S-UP demo…hahahaha.

    Love the video bits…hoping you’ll do LOTS more. Cya..

  4. Marion says:

    How cool is that? I needed a brilliant blue corduroy button so I took the basic grey button and dyed it with Ballet Blue, it was perfect!

  5. Brandy says:

    Awesome!!! Great ideas!!! I just love your website 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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