Stamping Vid Bits: Stamping on Ribbon Trick

Byte size stamping video tid bits….

(you may have to come to the blog to see video below)

Hi stampers – Stamping on ribbon is fun to do but can sometimes bleed and look bad in just minutes.  Here are a few tricks to stop the images from getting fuzzy!


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7 Responses to Stamping Vid Bits: Stamping on Ribbon Trick

  1. Deanna Auge says:

    Love it, Linda. Very useful tips. Appreciate that you give both the “ups” and the “downs” of products.

  2. Tankergypsie says:

    Love these tips. Need to get my ribbon and fixative out!

  3. Trish Scogin says:

    What a great idea! I hadn’t even thought to stamp on ribbon at all so now I have a good idea and the best way to do it. You rock~!

  4. Claire Horvath says:

    Great tip. I was always wondering what the Ink Spots were—dye or craft. I don’t think the catalog ever said. Now I know!

  5. lindastamps says:

    Lil’ Ink spots come in Craft (pigment) and Classic (dye)

    Linda Heller
    Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, Sr. Mgr
    My Stampin’ Blog:

  6. Robin K says:

    Most hairsprays CFC free. I still use an aresol (sp) and it is CFC free.


  7. Oh…what a great tip. I will remember this next time I want/need to stamp on some ribbon! Thank you for sharing!

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