What can a hand stamped card really do?   At the end of April this year I realized I still had $10,000 to go to earn the Stampin’ Up incentive trip.   I rationalized, justified and talked myself out of trying to earn it.  I told myself that times are tough,  most people won’t get a vacation this year due to the economy and that I should just let it go.  Matt and I don’t need to go on the trip, we can enjoy ourselves right here in Florida with a weekend get away.   Then I called Jan Burnett.  She is a demonstrator who lives in Metropolis, IL and is a friend I  (sadly) see only during Stampin’ Up events.  She has a natural gift for encouragement and if anyone could give me a push, it would be Jan.   Without hesitating, she said “You can do it!  I believe in you and know you can make it!”

Several times during May and June, I would reach into my mail box and pull out a a hand stamped card that simply said  “I’m rooting for you!!  It was Jan, keeping me motivated and on track! The power of a hand-stamped card.

Just yesterday, in my mailbox, was this fabulous card from Jan, congratulating me on earning the trip.  (on June 30th!)  And yes, that is supposed to be Matt in a speedo and me in a coconut bra on a tropical island!  (she said she cased the idea from   Julia Bettencourt )

Stamped by Jan Burnett.  All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

Stamped by Jan Burnett. All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

I’ll plug her blog here if you’d like to see the rest of her artwork! www.inkrubberart.blogspot.com

There are LOTS of other thank yous I need to give for helping me get on the boat.    First my awesomely supportive husband Matt, who is the reason I really wanted to earn the trip.  My fun customers who buy all these stamps and attend my classes – you guys make it so fun for me!  Watching you enjoy stamping makes it worth it to lug all my stuff back and forth.  My uplines Mari Fredericks and Karen Titus, as well as my wonderful downline who help keep me inspired and motivated.  A big Thank you to my blogging demonstrator friends and stampers who encouraged me here on the blog and the ones that bought my used stamps, that now have loving new homes.

Thanks for stopping by! Linda

p.s.  now go stamp a card and encourage someone today!

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