I have so many pictures to post but with all the activities of the day here, I have to wait a day!  We had our make and takes & classes all day today and I snuck out early so I could photo the displays.  After classes, I came back to the hotel and put on my PJs, ordered room service and a bunch of  demonstrators came to the room to look at swaps.   We pass around our bags of swaps, take pics, ooh and ahhh over our favorites and have the best time!  It’s late and the room is now back to just the 3 of us and I can hardly  keep my eyes open. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

convention day 3 330

Cards in an origami box

convention day 3 331

convention day 3 340

Look at the box trimming with the large twill and buttons!  Shelli said they looked like the boxes at Anthropolgy

convention day 3 339

this magnetic board was made by covering a galvanized steel sheet with Designer paper

convention day 3 337

convention day 3 355

Love the Designer paper memo board

We had a great time at the awards last night! My good friend Jan Burnett and I were sitting together, sweating it out as they announced the order of the Top 100. It’s very exciting and as close to the Oscars as I’ll ever get! We knew we were in there somewhere and I thought I was probably in the 90’s. (which is great and I would have been thrilled!). They call the demonstrator names 10 at a time and I was just stunned to be called at number 40! I know that my wonderful customers and downline were a huge factor for my award so thank you, my friends! (and for those of you who know Jan, she rocked it at number 35!)

Thanks for stoppin by!


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