Oh my gosh!  I cannot believe it’s been 10 days since I have posted.  Bad blogger..  We are in full swing of our house renovation and it is really a mess around here!  I naively thought I wouldn’t get caught up in it, could just carry on my stamping way.   I didn’t exactly calculate it all out in my head for the packing, the moving, the cramming, the stuffing and the people everywhere!  Matt and I have an old 1960 house that is going to the beauty shop and getting a makeover.   We are also expanding a room for a new stamp room!  Very exciting and I will be able to say goodbye to the unpredictable facility rentals and have some stamping events here at home.   If you want to see how our progress is going, Matt is updating his page here on the blog.

Our FL group had a fun time stamping recently and we had a shoebox swap.  Here are some of my favorites:  (p.s.  I ask them to note on the back of the card if it was cased or inspired by another stamper.  If they forgot or didn’t know, I’m sorry and just let me know it was your original design and I’ll edit the entry. )

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