I had another relaxing day ( a girl could really get used to this) of eating, talking, eating, laughing, eating, sharing ideas, eating….you get the idea. Oh, and I did get my MDS (My Digital Studio) certification and class done today!

At 5ish, we hopped on buses and headed off to our suprise location.   We pulled into The Ledges, a golf club in St. George.   Before we got off the bus they told us that there was a box at our table and NOT to touch it!

About that box….

founders circle sat 001

(p.s. see the table cloth?  Cottage Wall DS, of course)

Shelli spoke for a few minutes before we were allowed to open the boxes.  She spoke about our theme this week, blooms and growth and butterflies…

and on the count of 3, we all opened our boxes and released our LIVE butterflies!   It was magical to see them all flying in the air!

founders circle sat 007

founders circle sat 019

Some stayed a while when they found a shoulder to lean on, like the fabulous Joann Weimers at my table.  Some butterflies were a little confused with Jan Burnett’s Big Shot flower!

founders circle sat 017

founders circle sat 016

Lisa Schmid was truly the butterfly whisperer as her hung around quite a while and even drank a bit of fruit juice from her finger!

founders circle sat 011

Then if ALL that wonderful-ness wasn’t enough, this was on my pillow when I returned to my room:

founders circle sat 021

founders circle sat 022

I’m sad to leave my friends and my new friends but home is a wonderful place, too!  I miss Matt like crazy and can’t wait to see him.   (poor guy has to pick me up from the airport at midnight and then I’ll be hungry so he’ll have to take me to eat, too!)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the trip with me! Linda

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