Memento Mall Mania

2010 Leadership Charm

(lots of traffic now, so be patient while pics load!)   

These are from my phone – will post better pics later tonight!

Here are a few peeks at the gobs of goodies Stampin’ Up has for us to buy here at the convention.  And good gravy, I told myself I wasn’t buying anything -ugh!

Looky, Looky! Cute vinyl bag and beach towel!  (yep, bought ’em)

A card tree!  Love it, got it in my hands…

Personalized vinyl for the car!

Ribbon watch!  It even says Stampin’ Up on the face.   It has 4 ribbons, all SU ribbons we have carried in the catalog.  I’m not sure how it will stay on yet  – there is a D-Ring for a closure so I’ll have to try it out first!

yeah, I know what you are thinking -what are these??  They are SU hand sanitzer sprays!

Flip Flops

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3 Responses to Memento Mall Mania

  1. monikastamp says:

    Oh my! I so need to be there just to shop! I hope they add some of this to the supply list – I need that car vinyl pronto – I have been hoping for that!
    Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Monika Davis

  2. Connie Hobbs says:

    Wow, these are great! How can you resist buying at least one of everything?

  3. Ilse Vargas says:

    Thanks for all the updates!

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