I’m playing catch up from Day 2…

I didn’t get to post my pics last night b/c I lost ALL of my photos on my camera!  Some button was pushed when it wasn’t supposed to be (um, by me) and as a result, everything was gone from yesterday.  Luckily, Toni had pics and transferred them to my computer so I just need to edit and get ready. 

Last night was the Manager’s Reception and we went out to the Corona Ranch here in Arizona.  Stampin’ Up always goes over the top with their wonderful event planning team.  We didn’t know where we were going, we just got on a bus and were surprised to end up at the ranch for a show and dinner. 

Night pictures are terrible for my little camera but this is Sterling, Shelli’s husband, carrying a Stampin’ Up flag while riding a horse.

The show ended sooner than planned as one of the cowboys was riding fast around the arena and hit his leg against the wall.   He went down and then after some examination,  the call to 911 was made.  We heard later he broke his leg in 2 places but will be back riding again soon.  We went into a pavillion strung with lights and decorated Old Mexico to sit down for a delectable dinner.  Steak, shrimp and all the fixins.   At each place setting was this little bundle:

and inside the wrapper was the stamp set from the Occasions Mini Catalog, Love Bandit! 

Day 3

 Wow!  Flurry of a day!  This morning the alarm didn’t go off or if it did, we didn’t hear it.  We all overslept and only one of us made it to the first class.  I was still in my NyQuil haze and was in no shape to bound out of bed and down to class without some coffee.  So Jan and I slept in a bit longer and then ordered room service for breakfast.   Yeah, I know…rough life, right?

After a nice lunch, we went inside for our final general session.   And one of the BEST surprises…

Shelli comes out at the end saying she forgot  to show us one card.  (which was odd but we all bought it since it was Shelli, of course).  She shows us this beautifully vintage looking card and then says “Do you recognize the stamp set?” and then says, well I think you ALL should  have it!”   And the SU employees came running out with shopping bags full of stamp sets, one for each person!  It really is a pretty set and will be coming out in the next catalog or mini catalog.  Meanwhile, look at the crazy eruption of joy that one stamp set brought to 1000 stampers. You’d have thought Oprah gave away a new car!


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