Video: Shimmer Paints

Hi Everyone!

As promised here is the 2nd demonstration from our meeting at the end of January.

Paula Rotmil demonstrated a few techniques she saw at the Stampin’ Up Phoenix Leadership and Regionals event.  She was brave to get up in front of everyone and my camera so give her some cyber applause!

The Shimmer Paints are still available to order even though they were in the Holiday Mini Catalog!  All of them are 5.95 each.

My favorite, Champagne Mist, is the one that is a translucent glitzy gold shimmer that can be mixed with the alcohol spray. Item # 116806

Platinum is very opaque and I use it to stamp with or to dye ribbons platinum silver!  Dries fast, too.

Frost white is right in the middle, a little translucent but more like white shimmer nail polish.  Just adds a pearly touch and is great to add your dye based reinkers to.

Email, call or text me if you want to  order some!


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3 Responses to Video: Shimmer Paints

  1. Kit Marie says:

    Love, love, love your shimmer paint video. Great how-to and reminder of all the ways the shimmer paints can be used!

  2. lindastamps says:

    I’ll pass it on to Paula that you liked it!


  3. Thank you, Paula, very helpful demo. You did a great job. I’m proud of you!!! Miss you!


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