Share what you love….

I forgot one cute thing from the Memento Mall! it’s a really cute stamp-limit one per person or I’d bring one back for each of you! (ok, that might send my suitcase weight limit over a bit)

I’m off to a special class at 1:00! tonight is the groovy 70’s flower power party that SU is throwing for us. more later! Linda

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9 Responses to Share what you love….

  1. Jeri says:

    This is really cute. How much is it?

  2. Diana Caho says:

    Oh my Lord, I would love to have one. I wonder if they will offer any of the items in Momento Mall to everyone else after the convention. Thank you for sharing and teasing LOL, just kidding. Have fun, take care and God Bless.

  3. maitaii says:

    I’m loving your blog!
    I just started mine today
    It’s following me and my extreme choice to do the “lemonade diet” silly sounding I know, but check it out!

    I’m doing it for 25 days

  4. Sam says:

    Sure hope we will eventually have an oportunity to get one of those, soooo very nice!! Love your site.Sam

  5. Diana Caho says:

    Someone posted a pic of a protable trash bag, eas that you? I want one of those too! LOL, hope you are having agreat time. God Bless.

  6. Joyce says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m a new demonstrator and couldn’t justify going to convention this year but saving for next year!
    Thanks again for all your posts!

  7. Bev Gomez says:

    OH MY GOD I WANT THAT STAMP!!!!!!!I hope they make it available to all of us! Thanks for posting about convention Linda!

  8. Simmy says:

    Ooh, I want one! I hope they will sell them after convention. Why does it always seem that the years that I am not at convention they always have some special stamp. Urgggggg.

  9. Diana Caho says:

    I am new as well, started 5/11/10, I did not know anyone could go to convention, I thought you had to meet requirements. If I had the money, you mean I could have gone too!? LOL

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