Going Home (sniff)

Well our bags were packed and picked up last night. We enjoyed one last sleep with the balcony doors open, listening to the waves.

After dinner we went to our cabin and there was a little pillow gift. It is a pendant representing our next trip in 2012, Disney.


Everyone received one, even if they haven’t earned the trip yet. (at least I think so, talking to others who got one)

I can’t wait to share the other goodies with you on June 1st. And the retired stamp list will be released then, also!

Thanks for following along and for all your wonderful comments!


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2 Responses to Going Home (sniff)

  1. Susan says:

    thank you for your daily posts!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Linda enjoyed your notes along the way of your fantsastic vacation. Having been there i knew exactly where you were and enjoyed the fun al over again. Particulary enjoyed Pikes Market.That was definitely different and enjoyable . Big Place…Also loved to see the baby Husky puppies. we didn’t see them but they looked so cute and cuddly. Liked the fact that you all got the car to drive aroiund and gtot toi site see on your own terms. All in all so glad you had such a great trip….Great memories. Now..bring on Disney trip.. Barb

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