An Anniversary Present for Me!

(special note:  if you get a strange post from me that says Amanda’s First post, it was a boo boo from me!  I was helping Amanda with her blog, using mine as I talked her thru it and it accidentally published.  So ignore that!)

I’ve been running hard the last week!  Between the storms here in FL, an A/C  mess and landscaping, stamping is a nice relief today!  

It just so happens that this month is my 12 year anniversary with Stampin’ Up!  I can’t believe how time flies when you are stamping.   I’ve been getting cards in the mail from my team and have been posting them on my FB page (  It’s been so wonderful to get something other than bills in my mailbox this week!!

While I was in the stamp room working on projects for 2 events this weekend and there was a knock on my door.  I wasn’t expecting the ‘brown truck’ guy today but I got a package!


This is the gorgeous wallet that matches the purse Stampin’ Up gave the Founders Achievers at our convention in July! (I’m lucky to be in the top 100 again this year and get to go on a special trip soon)    It’s so pretty and so soft.   I love the SU metal logo on the corner.  

Inside is our trip agenda (I leave mid September for St. George, Utah) and some details of the trip along with luggage tags:

I have to get in gear to make 125 special swaps for Founder’s!  No pressure…LOL




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2 Responses to An Anniversary Present for Me!

  1. So wonderful. Happy Anniversary. You are an inspiration. Love the present and your success.

  2. lindastamps says:

    Thanks, Sharon!


    > New comment on your post “An Anniversary Present for Me!” > Author : Sharon Creedon (IP: , > > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

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