Founders Saturday: Golf?

 After a day of shopping, talking, eating,  more talking and more eating, we got ready for our surprise night out.  Stampin’ Up arranges something wonderful on our last night and we don’t know what it is until we arrive! 

Backing up a bit, SU started something new last year to help us get to know eachother.  When we arrive, our nametags have a special team name on it and we are to find our 6 other team members.  Our  team was called the White Gloves!  So Janet Wakeland (one of our white glovers)  in all her “resourcefullness” ,  brought us all white gloves and pearls!  So if you see white gloves in the pictures later, you will know why.  We had dinner together that first night.

Since the theme this year is Tea Party (and I don’t think I posted our dinner pictures from that first night where we all had a tea cup with roses at our place setting so I’ll insert a quick pic here)

So when the bus arrived to take us to our secret location, the White Gloves were to get on the same bus to go to an activity.  We pulled into the golf course and wondered if we would be golfing but of course, SU had another idea for us. 

Good grief, what do they have in store for us?

Our team of 7 had 4 golf carts, a map and a bottle of water and off we went!

We had the BEST time working through crazy games and challenges as we sped through the golf course!

The view was incredible as we drove around the course!

Fellow White Glovers, Patty Bennett and Janet Wakeland

I love this picture of Jan Wakeland with our shadows cheering her on!There were bunnies everywhere! (and we didn't hit one, but we missed a few by a hare..)

We decided that we would just use a few cameras and share pictures so we didn’t have to have other teams wait on us.  So I don’t have our group pics to show you yet!  My White Gloves team:  Patty Bennett, Judy Garza, Kristin Kortonick, Janet Wakeland, Patty  Chenail, and Cindy Baughman.  We laughed a lot and although we didn’t win, we had a blast!

There were bunnies everywhere! (and we didn't hit one, but we missed a few by a hare..)

Shelli was running the marshmallow relay, where we had to balanced a marshmallow on a golf club, run around the flag and bag without dropping itThere were bunnies everywhere! (and we didn't hit one, but we missed a few by a hare..)

A roadrunner!!



After we made it through all the challenges, we sat down to a lovely dinner: At our dinner table, we had a trophy filled with markers!

Our centerpiece with our team name….

And after full tummys and a bus ride back to our hotel, we ran up to our rooms to see what SU left us as our last pillow gift! 

It was a sparkly fob of sorts to hang on our purse or whatever we might want to use it for!  It has a tea cup with an FC and Founder’s Circle 2011 on the bottom:

Thanks for following along my trip!


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4 Responses to Founders Saturday: Golf?

  1. Sheila A. says:

    WoW. What a great trip. I’ve enjoyed sharing each surprise with you.
    Thanks for taking us along. So much thought was put into each day!
    Someone has a real gift, I would say!

  2. lindastamps says:

    I wish I could have blogged every wonderful thing I experience here but there are too many! I’m amazed at the attention to the smallest detail they take to make this special for us.


  3. Wendie says:

    Thanks for sharing your Founders Circle memories. It’s incredible what Stampin’ Up! does for their people. In the Southwest, if a roadrunner runs in front of you it means you’ll have good luck. So here’s to you!

  4. lindastamps says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll be looking for more today!

    Linda (Pardon any auto correct typos- sent from my iPhone)

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