2012 SU Leadership Thursday am

Good morning!

(this post may only interest demos but I posted a pretty card at the bottom for just the stampers!)

Last night was the Manager’s reception and show. Fun time! Here are a few of the Mangers in our group, Susie, Vil and Tarri holding a tasty drink with fun umbrellas (which makes every drink taste better IMO)



Our general session started this am and is my favorite session. Everyone is gathered in a huge room as we hear company updates and stamping tips and tricks, too!

Shelli Gardner, our founder and CEO, took the stage in her bright, fashionable way:


(if you haven’t guessed, the theme is My Way), celebrating doing business a multitude of ways. As demonstrators we are VERY diverse in ways to do this stamping business so Shelli made it clear that they are embracing all styles!
Workshops, parties, clubs, classes, online or offline… Do it your way!

Our demo Stampin’ Success magazine is getting a makeover! I love it now so can’t wait to see it They are adding a full workshop tutorial in every issue for project ideas. Looks like a great resource! More Step by step instructions for techniques and the covers will change also. Some will be projects, some feature people, some graphic ideas. Changes start this March!

Then she gave everyone a free stamp set from the upcoming Summer mini! It is just gorgeous and called Everything Eleanor. Nothing like giving over 1000
Free stamp sets away to get everyone pumped up!

Taking a break while people walk the stage for promotions…

Here are some of my buds in my row with their new goods:


Here is a pretty swap by Joyce Feraco:


And look at this beauty by Emily Turner, one of managers here:



More later…

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3 Responses to 2012 SU Leadership Thursday am

  1. Lilie says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful moment. Glad you had loads of fun and very nice cards.

  2. Wilda says:

    I knew I could count on you to be one of the 1st to give us demonstrators a sneak peek, thanks ;D

  3. Nola Burkhard says:

    I did not know my “stalker” Susie was in your team–how lucky for you! She’s a great gal–and we did indeed stalk each other for the 2nd year in a row!

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