Happy first day of March!

I’m lovin’ it!  Sounds like the McD’s jingle but this new tool is cool!  I’ve always wanted more than just a triangle piece for scoring diagonal lines.  This companion to the Simply Scored Board fits right on top!  Has 2 little silicone rectangles to hold it on. It’s larger than a 12×12 sheet of paper so it’s perfect for bigger projects! Scores every 1/8″.

Here’s a quick introduction video:

I realized quickly that I needed templates if I was to strategically create envelopes out of designer paper.

Here’s the video of what I did so I could get this envelope just the way I wanted it:

Want one?

It’s only 11.95!  Item number 125586 for the Diagonal board.

If you don’t have the Simply Scored base to put it on, it is 29.95 item # 122334  Comes with double tipped metal stylus (not a plastic bone folder) and 3 place-markers.

Call, text, email or order online! www.lindaheller.stampinup,net

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