Video: Greenhouse Garden

Hi All!

I’m so excited for my wonderful friend, Patsy Waggoner, who shot her first stamping video!  She’s a great stamper and has been a demo for over 12 years, holds classes and workshops but hadn’t stepped into the video spotlight yet until today!

  I know you will cheer her on with me and enjoy her project. (shared with her permission of course) 

She’s using Greenhouse Garden, a pretty 2-step stamping stamp set from the big SU catalog, bottom of page 119

Patsy lives in Minnesota and has a cute blog, too!

Great project, Patsy!  Can’t wait for the next one!


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7 Responses to Video: Greenhouse Garden

  1. Patricia Gessner says:

    Love this card and Patsy did a great job with this video!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Patsy did an awesome job! I look forward to more of her videos! I love the card she made and will use it! Thank you Linda and Patsy 🙂

  3. Lynda Carnecchia Smith says:

    Great job on your first video Patsy! Love the card!

  4. Connie Hobbs says:

    This card is so bright and sunny! I love it! Great job with your first video, Patsy!

  5. Debbi Muche says:

    Thanks for sharing Linda, great job Patsy! I never would have guessed it was your first video, great job.

  6. Claire Horvath says:

    Thanks Linda for sharing! Seemed like Patsy had been doing videos a long time not just her first video project. I loved the fact she gave detail of her bow making. Detail does matter and she did a great job!

  7. Deb B (Debadoo) says:

    She did a wonderful video! I love that there weren’t 30 seconds or more of lead in music etc, she got right to it. Gave quick, simple directions, lots of detail information. Really a super job!!

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