SU Disney Trip day 2

Today we hopped a 7am bus to the Magic Kingdom for a private show at Monsters Inc. I was SO tired and stayed up too late putting my swaps together the night before but it was worth the fight to wake up!


Magic Kingdom had not officially opened yet so we had the castle to ourselves:


Matt and I, the Waggoners, Burnetts and Valders decided to leave at 8 am to head over to Animal Kingdom instead. We were the only ones on the big boat leaving and hundreds coming in!


We ate well, played well and resting up before heading out to Epcot for dinner.

Pillow Gift!

As we came back to our room, this was on the bed:




I LOVE those insulated glasses!
The visor’s tag says its for the guys and to stop by Hospitality Suite to pick up something that goes along with it. Hmmm…golf related?

If you would like to see our non-stamping activities, we post those on Matt’s page.

Time to nap before dinner (as I hear Matt snoring and know he beat me to it!)

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6 Responses to SU Disney Trip day 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys are having too much fun!!! Keep it up!!! : ) : )

  2. Amy Ettelson says:

    That picture you took of the castle is wonderful!

  3. It is so GREAT that you share these little tidbits with us–we sure wish we were therer—but look forward to more snippets of what fun YOU are having and the little sneak peaks you are giving all of us! Thanks much, Nola

  4. The only thing better than your blog would to have you and Matt come for a visit. Charley & Natalie

  5. I’m sure Michigan is lovely now! Fun reading your blog and getting a bit while I read !

    Linda (Pardon any auto correct typos- sent from my iPhone)

  6. looks like YOU are having fun! Enjoy

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