SU Disney Incentive Trip Day 5

*sorry for the blurry pics- some setting was wonky on my camera!*

Well, first let me share a little bit about the Share Night last night! A few demos had some displays set up to share ideas.


Martha Armstrong shared these quick and easy notecards for a class she does using markers and Bright Blossoms set. Anyone can whip these up quickly!


Lyssa made some great fabric projects!

I didn’t make it to see all the other displays and demos because SU gave us a special surprise….the new catalog! They were not expecting to have them from the printers and decided at the last minute to give them to us. Lots of cheers and squeals I delight in the room !

We can say that we have it and that’s it- no details, no ‘messy desk’ pics, names or descriptions allowed! We can share it in person on May 7th when all demonstrators can see it online and then it will officially go live on June 1st.
I will say that I’m not disappointed 🙂

Tonight we had our Final Event at the Indiana Jones set! A private show and dinner for all SU demos and their guest.
As we started To watch the show, they said they needed a few ‘actors’ and had some preselected names already. You know that “oh no please don’t let it be me I don’t wanna go up there don’t call my name” feeling? I had it and then I heard my name…


Yup that’s me, in my Cairo attire, waiting instruction from the director.


And next to Indiana Jones stunt man (not a bad gig!)

There was an incredible dinner, characters out for photo ops, music, desserts and then one last gift in the room when we returned:





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3 Responses to SU Disney Incentive Trip Day 5

  1. Faith Gaspar says:

    I LOVE the flower on the gift box…. Thanks for updating us… Glad you are having a great time…. You so deserve it….


  2. gail etchie says:

    Looks like we will need to have instructions on that gorgeous flower on Stampin’ School. Loved reading all your updates! Thanks!

  3. Sarah says:

    Incredible Miss Linda! Wow Wee!!!! So glad you had a fabulous time.

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