My good friend Trish has always been a smarty pants and has fantastic ideas.  She had this vision to invent ribbon holders and she had a tall wish list.  Her husband, Steve, has the invention bug also and together they created the Ribbon Roll Control.

Since SU doesn’t carry ribbon holders anymore (and they didn’t work perfectly anyway, so I gave mine away when they retired) I was the first one on her sign up list to get a set!

 Trish isn’t particularly fond of having her picture taken but I forced her…here she is in my stamp room where I have all my ribbon organized in her Ribbon Roll Control holders.  We had a blast last week filming her first infomercial and Matt did a great job editing.  In case you want to want to watch, here it is:

These organizers are crystal clear acrylic and assemble together with no glue!  They aren’t meant to travel from place to place but you hang them on a wall, line them up on shelves or stack them in 3’s.  Here is a side view stacked:

I have every roll of ribbon that SU currently has so I needed 5.  I bought 6 (2 sets of 3) so I’d have an extra one for the Holiday catalog coming up and some retired ribbon that I use a lot.  Right now SU has small rolls so I could have bought just the Petites but  I wanted some of the larger Originals in case SU comes out with larger rolls later.

I’m so excited for Trish and Steve and their new adventure!  If you want to get a set of these, you can go to

or if you just want to give her a cyber cheer and an ‘way to go girl!’  then you can email her at   I know it can be scary just starting out a new business but I believe she’s on to something good!


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