General session Thurs am

It’s 8:30 am and our first General Session is underway. Stampin’ Up opened the ‘show’ with a musical! The staff created a music video that went through all the corporate offices and employees, singing and dancing. I’m sure they will post it on you tube soon and you have to see it!

Shelli Gardner gave an inspiring opening address. She also shared a quick project. It’s a magnetic frame done with Blossoms:


And then a special speaker, Jason Ryan Dorsey.
Jason is dynamic, engaging and hysterical! If you google him, watch a few videos on his Gen Y series. Our cheeks hurt from laughing!

Look at the crowd around him afterwards at the book signing!


Off off to class, then lunch and then I’ll post some pictures from the display boards! Linda

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1 Response to General session Thurs am

  1. Teresa Lockner says:

    Linda, you are having wayyyyyyy too much fun!!!! : ) : ) : )

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