Well I’m busy taking pictures, changing the batteries in my camera, taking more pictures, more batteries LOL
seriously one day you just need to get here – it’s amazing! I’m probably posting 1% of the samples, there are so many.

What I’m going to show you next is of epic creativity!

I don’t know who created this and if you know or if this is you please tell me.
It’s on display in the general area where people have submitted things for contests to Stampin’ Up.

This is a Stampin’ Up! dollhouse and every room is created out of SU card stock fabric with no detail spared!

Sewing room:




Look at the mugs on the wall in the kitchen:


remember these are all about an inch or so!

Look at the little stampin success magazines on the bookshelf in the Stamp room:


Living room and it’s fabric curtains:



The rag rug in the bedroom made out of woven fabric made me gasp!


Such talent here! I can’t get can’t wait to get home and start creating again (dollhouse probably not in my future LOL)

More later- thanks for stopping by!

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