Florida Tax Free Item August 3-5 for back to school shopping!

( …or in our case, Papercrafting!!)

The state of Florida is having a sales tax holiday for school supplies up to $15.00 per item from August 3-5. Because school supply items are included in this sales tax holiday, the below list of items will be state tax free during the holiday period. Please note that you must place your order with Stampin’ Up!® during the tax holiday period in order to receive these items tax free. Also, keep in mind that this is a state sales tax holiday and may not apply to additional city, jurisdiction, or county taxes.  Place your order today since it’s only limited to 3 days!
The following items are tax-exempt during the Florida sales tax holiday:

Email or call in  your order to me if you’d like to take advantage of the Florida resident special!  Linda

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