After a fun 2 hour bus tour to Kanab, Utah, we landed on the steps of the
Stampin’ Up manufacturing facility. I’ve been here many times but I get just as excited as the first time visiting!


Kanab is where they make all the stamps for us. They make an average of 17-18,000 a day!

We had a Q&A with some of the department heads and a tour of the plant (no pics allowed) to show us where they burn and cut rubber, package them and this they make ink pads and refills. They do way more than that but you probably don’t want to read all those details!


Yes, real men stamp! (look at their name tags) 2 of our tour guides

In the foyer is a gorgeous, antique cabinet with the real samples from the catalog! I could have stayed there all day with my nose against the glass.

Shelli has an apartment there with bedrooms, kitchen and bath if she needs to stay in Kanab for meetings. Love the big fireplace!

Along the tour, they gave us free ink pad and sneak peek new stamp set!!

After the tour, we had lunch with employees and got back on the bus for our surprise event! Lots of prizes on the bus and great conversation. Time flew by, we arrived and got off the bus to be greeted by hard hats, which we had to wear for a little while because of the falling ROCKS.


We knew we were in for a treat as we saw the rafts! We floated down the Colorado river in the Glen Canyon Dam, following the trail of the explorer Major John Wesley Powell. Astonishing cliffs, rocks and we also got to view ancient petroglyphs left by Ancestral Puebloan people.

The raft weighed 2 tons, very smooth ride! Here are a few pics from the ride:




After all that, we picked up our dinners in these great insulated bags:


I’m exhausted after a 3 hour bus ride home and time to catch some zzzzz’s!
Tomorrow’s post will have stamping in it:)

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