After Shannon West did a video on this cute lil guy, I was so excited to make one.  It was a little bit tougher than I thought to get him lined up with her method so I had to tweak the process for me.  If anyone else has an easier way, let me know!

Here’s my version and after doing it with 4 classes plus my team yesterday, most of them came out pretty good!
Remember that your first tree might not come out perfectly but be patient with it. (you should have seen my first one lol – looked like someone lopped off the top!)

You may need to customize the very top section if it doesn’t ‘peak’ enough for you.  Sometimes I cut off 3 sections, depends on how the rest of the tree builds up.

*(Stamping School Members – this will be archived for you with the cutting measurements/recipe sheet. It will be uploaded later today there once I get done typing up the measurements)

Let me know if you give it a try!


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