Bonnie Thurber takes the stage to give us a Big announcement!

We love to make and send cards so this is right up our alley.

Kits have been around for a long time but increasingly more popular these days as we get more busy.

Writing thoughtful, handwritten notes are important to us so Stampin’ Up has a new monthly subscription program!

It’s called Paper Pumpkin! Comes right to your door. Love it!
Some casual crafters might like a quick and easy kit, too.


More details coming soon but here are a few bites. (Demos, updates online today on the Stampin’ Up website.)
I’m looking forward to seeing what they make!

To my customers, I’ll post more when I know more. Begins in March! Demos can begin Monday!

Try It kit comes with clear block and a different price. Demos can purchase as many as they like of the Try It to cash and carry.

I love the name Paper Pumpkin! Catchy!  The webiste is up already if you want to check it out!  

And we ALL just got 2 of them!

Paula sitting next to me- she’s happy!