Stamping it Forward Video

2013 SU leadership truck

From the Orlando Sentinel Online Newspaper:  “Two thousand Orange County teachers will get paper supply bags worth $375, signed with a personal thank-you note, as part of the national conference of a major scrapbooking company. Every art teacher in the district will receive one.

The gift bags will be assembled this afternoon by the women and men who sell “Stampin’ Up” products around the country. They are gathering this week at the Orange County Convention Center for their national “Leadership 2013″ conference. The gift bags, which include paper craft supplies that teachers can use in their classrooms, are a thank-you to teachers and part of a company wide push emphasizing ‘making a difference.’

I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for Stampin’ Up to post this video!

Orange schools benefit from the presence of the Orange County Convention Center, as many conference goers try to give back to the community with gifts or by donating community service hours during their visits.”

Here’s another video from SU  with a tour of their  Distribution Center—from an order’s point of view—and check out some of Stampin’ Up!’s achievements and milestones over the past 25 years:

Fun to see where your orders go, right?


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