Hi stamping friends!
Some of you may have heard about the new  photopolymer stamps that Stampin’ Up announced last week.  I was waiting until I tried them before promoting them, even though I was pretty sure SU wouldn’t release a product that wasn’t great quality.  These new type of stamp set offerings will be a trial basis just to see how our audience likes them.  I did a little research on Photopolymer stamps compared to silicone/clear stamps.  Silicone is a much cheaper product to make and the ink tends to repel more.  The Photopolymer uses an expensive resin and produces a higher resolution image.  The photopolymer is designed for a better ink transfer to your paper.


This is the first trial set, called “DESIGNER TYPESET”  Item # 132956.  It has 57 pieces for $13.95.    It has a little alphabet set, numbers, banners, arrows and a nice quote bubble.  SU said they are coming out with a few other designs, so I’m looking forward to seeing some other cute or artsy designs.  This one might be handy with the tiny alphabet letters for words on cards and scrapbooks.

They arrive in a clear envelope that has the hanging hole tag, which is nice for me since I’d like to hang them for easy access.  The package is  4″x6″ and the stamps are sandwiched between 2 sheets of heavier acetate or window sheet material.  (those are my rulers in the picture above, just showing the size)

Some things I noticed right away (My unsolicited review so far)

1. A bit Smelly, like spray paint.  Have to see if that goes away in time out of package.

2.  They stamp nicely!  Good, clear lines, deeply etched stamp.   See my pic below with all the ink in the middle of the quote on the stamp?  No matter how hard I pushed on the stamp to paper, it never inked the middle.  whoa…that’s really awesome.

3.  They were super sticky, no moving around on the block and no stickers, so that’s a plus.

4.  They did clean up well but left a stain on the stamp.   I inked it again in yellow ink and it was perfectly yellow with no brown ink transfer.

5.  Stampin’ Up says they are “age tested” and won’t yellow or cloud up over time

6.  They also said they use “FDA, Food Safe Material”  Hmmmm…..?  Interesting.

7.  They are cut close to the image – no stamped edge marks so far!


Here is my quick, out of the box video, looking at them for the first time.  I’m sure I’ll be experimenting more with them and see how they hold up long term vs rubber.   Stamping School members, I’ll try to get a video up next week with a project for these!

If you decide to give them a try, let me know what you think!   Linda

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