best of april 2013 set

Ok, I LIKE this one a lot!

See the never-seen-before image in the top right corner?  That fits our current butterfly punch.  The other butterflies are all from sets over the years.  You get serious points if you can name them all LOL   Some are resized so they are even better, like the top left corner which could be Stipple Butterfly.  It was much larger at one time.  The middle left was from a Hope set for Breast cancer.  The middle right coordinates with our old butterfly punch that retired.  Great set, Stampin’ Up!

Comes in clear mount only.  If you’d like to own it, order it by March 31st, 2014 (one year from yesterday)

Item number 133345  Best of Butterflies  for $14.95

Remember that if you are buying these sets, they have a ‘proof of purchase’ sticker and collector’s card in the box.  Keep those because once you have 6 adhered to your collector’s card, you can redeem them for a FREE stamp set of your choice, valued up to 14.95!  Redeem that by April 30th, 2014.

You can download the official flyer here.

I’ve been doing more math than stamping over the last week with my taxes.  I’m ready to get my fingers in some ink!