Celebrating Birthdays

I still love birthdays!

Matt and I both celebrated birthdays this past week and we took a few days off to take some road trips.  We love to just hop in the car and see where we end up!  We ended up one day in Homosassa, FL at the wildlife state park.  

Of course the manatees were my favorite….


They have an underwater viewing tank so we could see them close up like this.  (My pics weren’t as great as this one) Aren’t they cute? And huge!


On our 2nd road trip day, we ended up in New Smyrna Beach for some ocean breezes and scenery.

I thought I’d share some birthday cards we received:


Thanks Connie and Mary!


Thank you Barb & Janice!


Thank you Janet & Trish!


Looks tasty, right?  Thanks, Ruth!


Thank you Susie and Deb!


Matt even got one!  His is on the right side 🙂  Thanks, Jan!

Happy Stampin’, everyone!



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8 Responses to Celebrating Birthdays

  1. mSoto says:

    Happy birthday Linda & thank you for the manatees!! I miss them! I used to live in Maitland too, also was a volunteer for the SMC!

    Have a great week!

    Sent from my iPhone Michele Soto Longaberger Creative Memories Pack 101 Cubmaster WEBELOS 1 den leader


  2. Vicki Keyzer says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! The manatees look like they need a big hug!!!

  3. Vicki Keyzer says:

    I have a question for you. What do you do with the littlest punch on the ticket punch???? I hate to waste it, but have no ideas for it

  4. I like to hang the little tickets onto ribbon with the little safety pins, like in the vintage trinkets. Makes cute dangle-y little embellishments!


  5. I wanted to jump in the water and hug ’em too!


  6. Thanks! They are so big but so sweet. I could have watched them all day!


  7. Happy Birthday to both of you. We wish you were here to see all the Linda-inspired things we have done to our house.

  8. Le’t see pictures!! would love to see what you all have done!

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