Last Day for Thinlits…

Today (January 2nd) is the last day to order from the Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog.  There are a few things carrying over and a few that may or may not make it into the annual catalog in June.

SU released a Carryover list for what we know for sure is still available until May 30th.  Stamp sets like Joyful Christmas, the new ornament set and punch and Tags 4 You are on the list!  To view and print, click HERE

The sad news is that one of my favorite items won’t be available after today, unless they make it into the new catalog in June.

The Expressions Thinlits dies, set of 3.  What’s sad is that we really need it for Valentine’s day and weddings because of the LOVE thinlit in the set.  I called this am to verify and unless they change their mind (and they could:) today is the last day to get it.

Set of 3 Expressions Thinlits Dies #132171  $17.47

Set of 3 Expressions Thinlits Dies #132171 24.95

If you want anything today from the Holiday catty, email me, call me or order online just in case they might not make it back.

Go Stamp Something!


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4 Responses to Last Day for Thinlits…

  1. Marion Dornan says:

    Linda, Are you sure the flip card thinlets are going away? I couldn’t find anything that said they were. I must have missed that announcement somewhere. I hate it when I do that.

  2. I called this am – they are not on the carryover list and they are not avail after today per DS.

  3. I wish I had the money for both the card sets. I won’t have it until next week and then it will be too late. Ugh!!!

    They were going to be on my next order!

  4. WELL< I just got a call from SU and the flip cards are NOT going away. Wrong info from demo support…. Sorry for the alarm 🙂 Linda

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