2014 Founders Circle Day 4

founders 2014

The last day is a sad one…..but I made the most of it!  I slept in from the 1 am bedtime the night before.  Then a wonderful breakfast out by the pool with friends.

Later in the day, just a lot of lounging and chatting SU stuff with the corporate team, lunch, more chatting, snacks, more chatting…it’s a rough life:)

In the late afternoon we headed on a bus with our teams (I was on team Snow Balls) to a secret activity and dinner.  We ended up at a convention center to decorate trees for a charity auction!  There were about 3 teams per tree and 3 trees that needed to be spectacular!


SU provided all the trimmings and then the teams needed to craft some also.


Patsy on glitter duty. SO glad that wasn’t my job but she managed to keep it off her.


Here is our tree before embellishing


I stamped and punched circles and Leeann got them in order for Angie to sew garlands.



Comes in handy to have a tall guy on the tree team! Go Brian!


Diana had to run silver snowflakes, Melissa had to make the shaker bits for inside our ornament globe.


The finished tree was amazing!!









another tree had a natural, burlap theme



Then an amazing dinner and table set for the holidays!



A white elephant game with an unexpected present…


LOL, Angie was not thrilled with her buggy lunch bags!


But then of course we came back to our rooms to find a nice gift


(this was Patsy’s, I haven’t opened mine yet but I’m assuming the wreath charm is the same!)


And thank goodness I learned from previous years to bring an extra suitcase to haul it all home!


Wanted to show you a little detail on some swaps!  The one above is by Becky Roberts, who embossed just the back of the circle layer and doesn’t it make a big difference?  Those little touches….


Turkey punch art by Lorri Heiling!  Can you tell what 3 punches were used?


Kay Kalthoff had a great color combo that was non-traditional with the coral and red glimmer paper & Nordic Noel DSP.


Brian King used his signature clean, balanced style on this great card.  Loved the pops of white and simplicity.

Off to my last breakfast buffet then on to Denver then finally home at midnight tonight.  Will be a long day but I do have swaps to look at on the way!


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7 Responses to 2014 Founders Circle Day 4

  1. Julie A. says:

    Wow! I love all of the Holiday decorations. Looks like you’re having a fabulous time. I appreciate you sharing:)

  2. Jolynda Tresner says:

    Thanks for the post! Love it! Appreciate you! What an amazing adventure! And love the trees and events details. The swaps are so much fun to see and would love to hear more about the white elephant gift game. An incredible time! Thanks sooooo much Linda. You’re the best!!!

  3. sonny peterson says:

    Love all the pictures and seeing familiar faces ! Thanks for sharing your fun this past week .

  4. nancy says:

    Enjoyed the pictures and all the ideas. Would love to know how to make some of the tree decorations. It is sounds like a wonderful time.

  5. Zelda says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. Zelda

  6. Thanks for tuning in!


  7. jeannine says:

    loved that tree trimming activity!! looks like so much fun! would love to know how to make the ornament with the silver punched circles – kinda looks like an artichoke! thanks for sharing the fun!

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