Stampcation #3 and Weekly Deals

Hi all!

I’m resting up from another fun Stampcation here in Orlando!  My creative event partner, Shantaie Fowler, and I put on our 3rd Stampcation, which was a 2 day stamping retreat for over 100 demonstrators here in FL (and a few from out of state, too!)

We always have a theme and this year was Stamping Invasion, Beatles style!

Every vignette was a Beatles song, like this area for Paperback Writer:


We found this old suitcase and filled it with a mini stamping chest:


sc presents

Lots and Lots of wrapped prizes!


The Stampcation yellow submarine photo op was a hit!

Of course we gave nods to Good Day Sunshine, Penny Lane and All you Need is Love!


We couldn’t have All you Need is Love without our SU teddy bears” Remember those?


20141029-004859.jpgYeah, that was a LOT of circles to cut but so happy with our sunshine!

20141029-004953.jpgMatt is our stampcation AV hero, taking care of the big screen, wireless mics and music!

Stampcation 2014 poppies

It couldn’t be Penny Lane without poppies (according to the lyrics anyway!)


A special thanks to all the demonstrator presenters who rocked our stage over the 2 days!


wd oct 28

I’m excited about the Word Bubbles dies on sale this week!


Go Stamp Something!


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12 Responses to Stampcation #3 and Weekly Deals

  1. Linda Bauwin says:


    Very impressive Linda. Love it!!!!

    Is this open to all demonstrators would love to come for ideas if you ever have room. I do three retreats a year yours looks amazing.


    Linda Bauwin – CARD-iologist

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  2. sonny peterson says:

    Looks like fun ! Saw some great pictures of your event on Kim Van D.`s blog . Love the theme !

  3. Gayle gibbons says:

    It was a great weekend & the displays blew me away. enjoyed the presentations. & loved the make & takes. Although I would never have bought that stamp set. Lol.

  4. Harlene Swanson says:

    Hi Linda,

    I read your e-mails and wish I lived closer to you. Your Stampcation #3 sounded very creative and fun!

    Harlene Swanson

  5. It was – next time you will have to fly in!


  6. Linda! That is amazing!!! I want to make one of those Suitcases!!! Adorable!!!

  7. Jeanne Henry says:

    Looks like your group had a great time!! My party was pretty awesome too. Hope Janet got there to join in the fun!!

  8. MaryE Munson says:

    How did I miss notice of Stampcation? Attended the other 2 and had been so sad that you had stopped having them when Shantaia moved. I am so bummed.

  9. Did your email change? I announced it here in the blog too


  10. AWESOME i love the suitcase! having any of those around leadership? it could cinch my decision4the trip4sure!

  11. No, we are done until next fall!

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