Video: Using Press’ N Seal with your die cuts


It’s a pricey bundle but it sure is handy!  I’ve used these numbers more than I thought I would.  I used it for a 2 year old, a 32nd  anniversary card, and this birthday card for a friend turning 39 (again)

again linda heller number of years

I do love the flowers and banner in the set, also.

Ok, this stuff rocks! 

It’s called Press ‘n Seal and it’s normally in my kitchen. Lately I’ve seen more people using it in the craft room so I took it downstairs to try it out.  Love it!

press n seal

Watch my video below to see how I used it to align my cut out numbers and not get my fingers messy with glue.   We used this for the Rose Wonder die at my stamping event in January and wow, what a difference!

If you like a recipe with cutting measurements, click HERE

(Stamping School members, this one is in the library already as an extra, free video. For those new here, my ordering customers and team get Stamping School library free with over 1000 videos archived)

And if you have extra time to burn, watch this funny ad by Glad Press ‘ Seal used for parenting:)


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2 Responses to Video: Using Press’ N Seal with your die cuts

  1. diannescards says:

    Love the video.haven’t seethe paper ribbons before. Thanks.

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