Better Than E-Mail….

I was going through my stamp sets and found this gem!  AND it’s still available to order!

It’s the cutest set for making tags or stamping the backs of your cards.  It’s photopolymer, which clings great and there are 12 stamps for only $16. Each stamp averages around 1-1/2″ each.  The item number is 140463 in case you want one!  You can order it online here or email me.

Take a peek at all the cute images.  Imagine knitting something special and attaching the handmade yarn tag?  Or cooking something and using the kitchen tag?

(I don’t knit or cook but I’d make the tag super cute so they wouldn’t notice:)

If you choose to sell the cards you make and use Stampin’ Up stamps, these are also Angel Policy stamps. That means you can stamp these on the back and be compliant with selling our images on your artwork.    (if you don’t need the copyright, you can snip it off the stamp easily)

better than email stamps linda heller

better than email linda heller


I’ll be holding off on listing my retired stamps on my blog for a month.  I have some major projects this month and need to put my energies there!

Hope you find time to stamp this weekend!


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