Video: Beautiful You Watercolor Dress

Stampin’ Up asked me to do some projects for the Atlanta On Stage event  using a new stamp set called Beautiful You, that will come out in January in the new Occasions catalog.  It’s a fun set to work with whether you paper piece, watercolor or just stamp it.

You can click on one pic and scroll thru to see them full size:

I had to go on at the close to the end so my tummy was flippy all day! This project was my favorite but caused the most trouble that day.  I needed my black Sharpie to alter the dress and had it with the project on the table for the stage. When I got up there in front of everyone it was gone!  Thanks to an audience stamper, she got one up to me and later one of the tech guys said he grabbed it b/c it didn’t look ‘stampy’!  Too funny!

Here’s a video of how I created the altered dress:

I’ll revisit these projects in January when the set is available to everyone.  (December it is available to demonstrators for the Occasions preorder)

Thanks for a great time, Atlanta!



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27 Responses to Video: Beautiful You Watercolor Dress

  1. Nancy Farrell says:

    Oh Linda, these are beautiful. Such a pretty stamp set and your interpretation is beyond my thoughts. Each one is gorgeous.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Thank you for the awesome video – love love love your card !

  3. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Jeanne! Must be from watching those revolutionary war shows with the flowy dresses….

  4. Claire Ventre says:

    I still have the older stamps too!! I love this set – and what you did with it:) TFS – beautiful!

  5. Linda Heller says:

    Glad they are bringing back this style!

  6. Debbie S. says:

    I looooooove this set! Can’t wait for it to come out in January!

  7. Debbie J says:

    Very pretty card!

  8. Melanie Morris says:

    Beautiful cards – congrats for getting to share your passion On Stage and yea us for getting you all year 🙂

  9. Ginger Wirt says:

    I love these. What fun it will be to order them of course in the long dress you created is actually my favorite. Am sending you photos of some ornaments I did. Would love your feedback.

  10. Pamela K says:

    I saw your card on another pin and my mind was whirling away wondering how to recreate this (I won this set at OnStage in Kansas City) when I came across your Pin. Thank you much for your video! Your card is simply elegant!

  11. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks so much! It’s really easy if you just go for it and not overthink it!

  12. Tanja says:

    HI Linda, can you tell me more on the bleached version and how did you do it?

  13. Linda Heller says:

    sure! Emboss your image in black first using versamark and black powder or Archival Black ink that is juicy and clear powder. Then use straight bleach with a little paint brush to apply bleach. Wait for the magic

  14. Mari says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! All of them! Thank you for designing these cards and demonstrating for us.

  15. m1ssvicky says:

    Thank you so much for a great tip & video. Much appreciated

  16. Jill Larsen says:

    What is the name of the 2004 set?

  17. Linda Heller says:

    it was seaside sketches and can’t remember the other one – they were coordinating sets!

  18. Ina Nelson says:

    Love the card and the way you so easily drew the dress. Thank you so much.

  19. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks so much! It was fun to do!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Linda, enjoyed observing the water color technique, You have such great ideas.

  21. Kim Jolley says:

    Wonderful project and easy to follow video. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Cheryl Algie says:

    Gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing 😀😀😀

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for a great demo. What a great idea on how to adopt your stamps

  24. Diane says:

    Love your ideas and demonstration. I
    I am placing an order for that stamp set
    asap. Can’t wait to work with it now!
    I appreciate you showing how to use the aqua painters, too!

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