Elephants, Tigers and a few Holiday Sneak Peeks……

Holiday sneak peek in July?  Well, why not!  On the SU Thailand trip, we were thrilled to see the upcoming Holiday catalog early AND every night, we got a pillow gift with new holiday bundles! 

Every year I think they can’t top the last Holiday catalog and then they DO!  I can’t wait for you to see it!

The Stampin’ Up incentive trips are mostly vacation but there is a room we can sneak into with some samples and a few projects to create when we have time.  Here is one of our make and takes.  I ended up changing mine from the crumb cake card base to early espresso so it would have more contrast. Here is the SU sample:

And here is mine that I tweaked a little.  I also added an espresso card stock panel down the middle so the foil snowflake would stand out since it’s so pretty!

The designer paper is divine! Copper and Silver patterns….wait til you see it in person!

These laser cut, foil snowflakes will come in gold and silver – so pretty and ready to use!

Stampin’ Up gave us our own hard copy of the Holiday catalog early!  Mine is well read already LOL   If you have ordered from me in the last 6 months, you will get one automagically from me. If you aren’t sure when you last ordered or are new here and want to be on my customer list, be sure to email me at linda@stampingschool.com with your snail mail address!   I’ll be sending them out mid August.

The Holiday Catalog begins August 1st for demonstrators and September 1st for customers.

If you would like to get the holiday products early, consider being a demonstrator in August.   You can be a hobby shopper, get a 20% discount and place your own orders.  You can choose $125 of new Holiday products for your starter kit and pay only $99 plus tax and get free shipping.  Then you can continue placing orders on your own as you like!  Contact me to chat and see if it’s a good option for you.

Most of you followed our trip on my Facebook page but for those that didn’t, here are a few pictures our trip!  If you hover over the photos with your cursor or tap on the photos, there are captions:

What an amazing trip to Thailand! It was FAR from home, quite hot and the time difference was around 11-1/2 hours I think.  Matt and I extended our trip to include 3 days in Bangkok also were we saw golden temples, visited the floating markets, ate exotic fruits and even rode a tuk-tuk!  We did a LOT in 3 days!

Then on to Phuket for the main Stampin’ Up incentive Trip!  Stampin’ Up is so generous and after experiencing 13 trips, this one was no exception.  Gorgeous Resort and really lovely employees.  We had a one bedroom loft on the water and even an outdoor shower!

We made some memories at an Elephant Sanctuary where the elephants in their natural element.  These were rescued elephants from the trekking industry, where people used to ride them. We fed them thai bananas, washed them, and gave them lots of love:)

We also stopped at a Tiger sanctuary, where we were able to go into the areas with them (and 2 trainers) to pet them.  They have been raised since birth there and no, they weren’t drugged but very docile in the mornings.  (the government actually does random testing on them to protect them from drugs and cruelty)  It’s been a dream for Matt to see a tiger close up and we sure did!  We were instructed not to pet their heads (that means play) and to pet firmly or they might think it’s a fly and swat us!

Thanks for stopping by!

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13 Responses to Elephants, Tigers and a few Holiday Sneak Peeks……

  1. Kim Hadad says:

    I love your pictures! What a wonderful incentive trip and I LOVE your “loft” – WOW! Of course the sneak peaks are awesome too. I already have a huge want list going from the catalog sneak peak….

  2. Linda Heller says:

    Thx! Yep my wish list is big this year too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a great experience!!! Loved your pictures!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a great adventure, such an interesting culture! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    And thanks for the sneak peek – can’t wait to get the catalog in my hands! I feel like a little kid again counting down to Santa’s arrival. LOL

  5. Diane Fitzgerald says:

    Beautiful pictures ..what a wonderful trip..congratulations!

  6. Pamela Nelson says:

    Good for you! Thank you for sharing!

  7. jjac2e51 says:

    Great pictures thanks for sharing

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Linda Heller says:

    I love that! Counting down to Santa coming:)

  9. Glenna says:

    Really enjoyed your pictures. Glad you and hubby enjoyed the trip. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Glenna! It’s a long way from home but I’m glad we experienced it all!

  11. Florence Pangelinan says:

    What a super-memorable time you had! To be that close to tigers, and even rub their bellies, is an unheard-of experience anywhere else. You are so blessed.

  12. Linda Heller says:

    It was! I won’t forget it, ever!

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