Faux Black Stainless Steel using new Springtime Foils Paper

Matt and I were out shopping for a new refrigerator and were drawn to a Black Stainless Steel finish, which has a cool matte, metallic finish. We may still settle for regular stainless and couldn’t decide BUT when we came home, my Stampin’ Up box had arrived with my pre-order for the new Sale a Bration freebies!

I immediately started to brayer, sponge and color this paper because it was so pretty!   I used Memento Black and a paper towel for some resisting:

The paper is called Springtime Foils, it’s GORGEOUS and will be available on Feb 16th as part of the 2nd release for Sale A Bration.   (there are 4 new products and this paper is free with a $50 order) It’s 12×12 and 3 sheets of each design.  I’ll be able to post the brochure PDF and item numbers when they are available to order Feb 16th.

If you want to see a sneak peek of the new Sale a Bration freebies available Feb 16th and how I altered the paper,  watch my video below!

so you can see where I got my inspiration….I still had that black stainless on my mind!

I looked around for something that would compliment my new black steel paper and saw the peacock, which is also a Sale-a-Bation freebie.   Now before you get after me for a black and gray peacock instead of a colorful one, they do exist!   (I know Cindy Brumbaugh will want proof so here it is:)

(photo by rockingbabranch.com)

He sure is pretty!

The gold foil paper really pics up the bits of gold in the paper.

Here is a video from Shannon West at the Stampin’ Up home office showing the new Basket Bundle set that is free with a $100 order:

          (The basket weave embossing folder will also be available in the upcoming Annual catalog in June but until the end of March, you can get it free along with the stamp set with a $100 order!)

By the way, if you reserved a Stamparatus with me, those will be ready to finalize soon!  You can earn the new Sale a Bration freebies with that, also!

Orders over 250.00 earn an EXTRA $25 free on top of SAB freebies and host rewards

If you decide to sign up as a demonstrator (hobby discount shopper or business, all are welcome!) you get TWO extra stamp sets in your starter kit, any price!  And SU gives you free shipping on it all!

Off to watch the BIG game today!  I hope you all find time to enjoy the day and find some time to stamp, too!

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27 Responses to Faux Black Stainless Steel using new Springtime Foils Paper

  1. cottage5038 says:

    Black Peacock! Who knew! Love the Paper. Black stainless steel paper was interesting. Supposedly black stainless steel doen’t fingerprint like the regular stainless steel.

  2. Melvie Dugger says:

    You are amazing 😉. Can’t wait to get my hands on this paper. My order is keyed in and all I have to do is add this and the basket bundle! Thanks for sharing again.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Karen says:

    I have never seen one, but think the charcoal black peacock is beautiful! Oh and what a gorgeous embossing folder that is! but WOW! Linda! your inspiration for the faux black stainless is AWESOME!! I so have to have that paper so I can copycat 🙂 xo

  4. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Karen! It really is the prettiest paper I’ve seen in a while. Love the rose gold, too.

  5. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Melvie! I’m sure you will make lots of pretty cards with it!

  6. Linda Heller says:

    It’s true, it really doesn’t show fingerprints! At least now they are making most stainless the ‘touchless’ so it’s much easier to maintain.

  7. tammy fletcher says:

    Linda, you are always so inspirational….love this idea…thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Tammy! Inspiration hits me in the oddest places!


  9. Renee Thompson says:

    Love this! The paper looks so nice, and yes it does remind me of an appliance finish (in a good way). You might check out GE’s slate line of appliances — we got those when we reno’ed our kitchen a couple years ago. They are, well slate colored, duh… but they give the impression of a black stainless steel. Super easy to clean, no special treatment just wipe with a sponge and water!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful card Linda. – love it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Really like this Linda From Carla H

  12. Linda Heller says:

    We really liked the slate, also! Almost a bronze more than a gray!

  13. Christine Javer Spohn says:

    Love that Sale-A-Bration foiled cardstock! Guess I will have to place another order after the 16th to get some! LOL 🤗

  14. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I didn’t like that paper from what I printed from SU website but you have sold me on it with both yesterday’s card and your colouring card today. I will have to place another demonstrator order to get this paper.

  15. Nancy Pfaff says:

    love! thanks for the resist tip! good to hear your voice again!!

  16. Cindy Lee Brumbaugh says:

    Love how you can mix and match all of our silver and gold embellishments with this paper! I was going to tease you about a black peacock but realized as I read on…Linda would not make one if there was not one!

  17. Shana Gaff says:

    I love your techniques for coloring on the foil DSP! Thank you for sharing! In a side note, I loved the black stainless appliances when we were shopping for appliances for our new house last fall but I chickened out at the last minute and went with the regular stainless. You must share pics if you end up getting them!

  18. Linda Heller says:

    I do love those black stainless! I think they might go too modern in my space but we are still shopping so I’ll post back if I get them!

  19. Beautiful!!! I can’t wait to try this technique

  20. Linda Heller says:

    thanks! Let me know how you like it!

  21. Linda, this is such a fun technique! I am addicted! I am featuring it on my blog, and gave you credit along with a link to your blog. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful technique!

  22. Diane Lindall says:

    I love this idea. I got a couple packs of this paper because I really loved it…off to play..can’t wait to try your technique! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Linda Heller says:

    It’s so pretty in person!

  24. Carmella says:

    Even in 2020, we are being offered a lovely flowering foil that we can do the same process! thank you!

  25. Linda Heller says:

    Hi! I tried it Right away on the new paper but it’s a little more of a matte finish and the ink doesn’t drag as well but it’s still pretty



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